Sunday, December 08, 2013

Video: How The Media (and Conservatives) Failed Women In 2013

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It's a little over 3 minutes. Well worth your time. Woman have come far this year, and have far to go.

The video was made by the Representation Project and showcases two stories: How far a woman can go despite the obstacles given her; and how despicable some people continue to be.

Naturally, you will see the ongoing despicable sexualization for profit that still infects American marketing. However its around 1:25, after Rush Limbaugh (of course) rears his ugly head, that I couldn't help but notice the parade of ignorance coming from clips with the Fox News logo ("Women just haven't done that much"; "I'm not saying she deserved to be raped, BUT..."). Followed by quotes from GOP politicians, GOP strategists, conservative PACs, conservative talk show hosts and the right-wing media.

And the year isn't even over yet and conservatives are still going strong with their ignorance. Just TODAY on FOX a career-minded woman was told to quit her job and have babies.

To be clear, this video was not made to attack conservatives. Seth McFarlane, the Onion, CNN, and others are taken to task... but it comes as no surprise that the majority of ignorance on women's issues come from the right. I applaud the creators for not trying to present a "false equivalence" that is so prevalent in the mainstream media. If it was a Democratic Congressman who told the female news anchor, "You're beautiful, but you have to be honest", it would have been shown. But naturally, it was a GOP blowhard who was actually much more patronizing than was shown.

Take a look. Click here if the embed link below is not showing up.

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