Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Senate GOP Whining About Working After Christmas

The only time I've ever posted anything from Harry Reid. We needed this fighting Reid two years ago. Here's hoping we see more of this--maybe the election really did wake his ass up.

DeMint and Kyl, the two men MOST RESPONSIBLE for wasting the people's time in the Senate, are whining about working after Christmas... calling it disrepectful. Well, the work has to get done, so I suggest you 2 bozos get to work and quit stalling! (PS, so does the 99% of the country that has to go back to work after Xmas hate Christians too?)

And by the way, who the hell is Jon Kyl to lecture anyone on anything? MR. my parents paid off my whore and all i got was this venereal disease. Stuff a stocking in it mister.

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  1. Brigadier General John Adams just said it best... we have 150,000 soldiers working ON Xmas doing their job, the Senate should do its job!