Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Boehner: Weeper in Chief

Babba Wawa hit the nail on the head. He has a real problem. He cries every single time he talks about anything but tax cuts. If Nancy Pelosi had crying fits like he did, she would be crucified by the right as weak. This is the GOP leader: Crybaby.

Also good point... he cries about his own life but has no tolerance for anyone else's suffering. An out of work single mom with a kid and no support he is kicking to the curb. He is fighting tooth and nail to stop her unemployment check this holiday season... but is willing to spend $700 billion to give the rich an EXTRA tax cut. A cut, I might add, that never produced any jobs.

Wipe your tears, crybaby. If anyone deserves to cry, its the American people.

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