Friday, December 24, 2010

More Evidence Stupid People Vote in Florida

Here's the problem. Exhibit A in my local paper:My Word by Bill Barnes

Starts with this...

According to the Social Security Administration, the Consumer Price Index has not risen since 2008, and benefits will not increase in 2011. Congress just approved an $858 billion package of tax cuts but rejected a bill to give each retiree $250.

Then goes to this...

When I retired in 2000, our annual health insurance cost was $1,200. Today, the cost is $10,960. This amount does not include the amount my former employer continues to pay. Next month, our health insurance will increase by $600.

Here is what he concludes with...

So what do retirees have to look forward to? We could sit around, run out of money and die. Or we could mobilize with the Tea Party and hound elected officials until they cut spending and taxes and help retirees who worked a lifetime to make America great.

Okay Moron. You don't complain about overspending in the same letter you demand that every retiree get $250. That's number one. Number two--you complain about high health care costs, but then decide that your solution should be to join a group that sided with the very insurance industry that is currently gouging you.

I don't know why your are complaining, Mr. Barnes. It sounds like you got everything you voted for.

PS--to anyone bashing our prez: just remember that it was he who compromised with the GOP by caving into their demand that the uber-wealthy get an extra tax cut so he could SAVE YOUR middle-class tax cut along with the unemployment checks this holiday season. Your f*&^ing welcome.

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