Tuesday, November 02, 2010

FL: The CRIMINAL Won... Dear God Help Us ALL

Flying a flag upside down is an internationally-recognized distress symbol. The only time a flag should be flown in that position is in accordance with US Code "as a signal of dire distress".

For Florida, that time is now.

We have elected a pathological criminal to the highest office in our state.

Not a typical "all politicians are criminal", dishonest, money-grubbing and lobbyist-kissing criminal, but a REAL thug! I'm not talking about the hypocricy of railing against government healthcare only to make his fortune off of Medicare--I AM TALKING ABOUT KEEPING TWO SETS OF BOOKS as CEO! One of which was used just to STEAL from taxpayers and seniors!!! And if that wasn't enough... he ran for governor using the money he stole!!

His own running mate thought he was a criminal... until he picked her to run with him. That is unscrupulous, but at least she didn't steal from old people!

10 years ago our state was a national laughingstock because people couldn't figure out how to use a ballot. That is nothing compared to the majority of voters electing a slippery felon to work with an overwhelmingly corrupt state legislature.

This was a combination of the GOP allowing themselves to be hijacked by uneducated teabaggers who see nothing wrong with giving a proven hooligan state power... independents who allowed themselves to be swayed by millions and millions of dollars of adverstising using Rick Scott's blood money and foreign interest money that poured into shady right-wing groups... and finally, Democrats who were so fed up with their spineless leaders they decided to stay home and send a "message", while allowing this hell to be unleashed upon us. Yes, my fellow Dems, you allowed this to happen.

If he was just Sharon Angle crazy, I could live with it. Even though Rick Scott makes George W. Bush seem like a sane moderate: there is no telling the jaw-dropping teabagging nonsense that will be steamrolled into this fragile state for the next four years with teabaggers in control of the governor's mansion and state legislature. (AZ anti-brown people law? Forced ultrasound?)

But all of that will BE NOTHING compared to the illegal activities that this wicked man will perpetuate with his cronies and our complicit legislature.

Rick Scott is Florida's governor.

May God have mercy on us all!


  1. My wife and I would not be hired at Solantic because we are too old and overweight. He practiced discrimination in hiring and settled out of court. With this scumbag in, we will have state laws that discriminate against Hispanics, gays, and Moslems, a complete end to abortion rights, less taxes on the rich and more taxes (which they will call FEES) on the poor, and vendettas against teachers and lawyers. Texas is looking better all the time, in spite of Rick Perry.

  2. We now have a right-wing legislature with a super majority, because of gerrymandering, and a teabagger criminal as governor. This state will be a teabagging paradise in a few years with no accountability and no government...and look JUST LIKE Somalia, which is what happens when you implement true libertarian conservatism. (Except for anything sexual related, where government will interfere).

  3. My mother worked for Solantic...Rick Scott lost all of their 401ks doing shady things. No one talked about that in the campaign. Now he is the governor. Nice guys.