Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day! Happy 500th Post!!

It irritates me that I have to work today while those who never served get to lounge around. It infuriates me that rethuglicans who work so hard at cutting benefits for veterans surround themselves with veterans during campaign season. But it really sickens me that right-wing cowards who would never put themselves in harm's way nonetheless have no trouble pushing others and their children into battle. These are the conservative idiots who love to "play" war with paintballs or even more pathetic, people like Eric Ericsson of Redstate who even made patches that his followers actually wore. We fought for those too weak to fight themselves.

The photo is of a USAF Security Forces sentinel, which was the most awesome job I ever had. I was law enforcement, but also had acted as the Air Force's infantry (we were the ones who would hold the base if attacked while helping others escape). We trained as law enforcement specialists, but also had to go through Army infantry training at Ft. Dix, NJ. I served proudly and remember the time fondly. HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!

This is also my 500th post on this blog. This blog was started in early 2006 by the Democratic Chair of the Seminole Democrats as the official blog. She liked my writing and asked me to take it over. In 2007, I broke away so I could write my own mind without running it past anyone or speaking for anyone else. Here's to 500 more.

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