Friday, September 17, 2010

Tax Cuts: How the Dems Are Screwing Up a Sure Thing

Maybe I'm missing something here...If I am, please enlighten me in the comments section...

But I think this is SOOOOO simple.

All we need to do is have debate on two, TWO, tax cuts packages.

Call the first: Obama's Middle Class Tax Cut (for those making under $250,000)

Call the second: Bush's Upper Class Tax Cut Extension (for those mkaing over $250,000)

Everybody wins.

We DO NOT have the second without the first. No tax cuts for millionaires without a tax cut for the middle class first.

That way each has a fair vote. The conservadems who want to vote for the rich one can do so...after the vote on the middle class one. If they and the GOP want to add $700 BILLION to the deficit to give $100,000 tax break to multi-millionaires...go for it.

Mitch McConnell says he has all 41 rethugs lined up to fillibuster if they aren't together. FOR GOD'S SAKES.. LET HIM! "Give Em Hell Harry" Reid, (who would be more aptly named "Please don't hit me Harry"), should demand that if they want to fillibuster, they go on the floor and actually do a damn fillibuster on the MIDDLE CLASS TAX CUT.

It will fail. Miserably. The GOP will be in one motion they will simultaneously be seen as stopping a middle class tax cut and fighting for a tax cut for millionaires. If they cave, which is likely, they will be forced to cede the victory to the Democratic Congress.

Harry is being wishy-washy on this as usual. My God, if I didn't think that Nevada deserved to suffer under that crazed teabagging loon Sharon Angle, I would be happy to see Reid go and be replaced by a smart Democrat with a spine like Chuck Schumer.

Pelosi has been showing some spirit, but she so far hasn't committed to vote on any tax proposals before the election.

Now FAUXNews is smelling blood in the water and has on its front page right now: Expiring Tax Cuts Hit Americans at Every Income Level

In the words of Jon Stewart.. HOW CAN THE DEMOCRATS F*&^ THIS UP??

Contact Harry Reid:

Contact Nancy Pelosi

Two packages... two votes... VICTORY. Simple, right?

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