Monday, April 14, 2008

Feeney: Let Me Squandor or U Hate Our Troops!!

Here in Seminole County, Florida, we are honored to be represented by a man ranked by a nonpartisan watchdog group as the most corrupt Congressman for a third straight year.

Besides being Jack Abramoff's bitch, Feeney is also an avid champion of our fighting men and women in Iraq. No, he doesn't want to the troops to come home. And he has a habit of voting against body armor and essential equipment for our troops.

But he is nonetheless a champion. Why? Because he is outraged that a city 2,000 miles away from us voted to close their recruiter's station. Feeney was so angry, in fact, that he spend thousands of TAXPAYER dollars to tell us how angry he is and of his solution: withhold federal money, including funds for the lunch program in their public schools. (Suck on THAT Berkeley!)

One local reporter questioned if the mailor was a good use of public funds. Feeney's response was unbelievable:

From Sunday's Orlando Sentinel:
Reporter Scott Maxwell: But there are hundreds of ways to support our troops--giving them adequate equipment for battle, providing them with the services they need after the war, honoring them at ceremonies...keeping them alive. This doesn't seem like any of those things. This seems like a way to spend public money to troll for votes in a very targeted manner.

Feeney: There is nothing more important to patriotic Americans.

Maxwell: So if I think your mailer wasn't a good use of public money, I'm not a patriot?

Feeney: You apparently don't have the same respect for the people who are fighting and dying for this country.

I guess you can count me among those self-hating veterans, because I don't think it was a good use of public money either. I don't think the concept of cutting federal funding to punish a few Berkeley legislators is a smart idea either--nor a particularly good use of Feeney's time. It has no chance of passage, and I don't know if Feeney is aware of this, but we have a few issues here in Central Florida--for example, like thousands of people losing their homes!

Suzanne Kosmas, a popular former state representative, is challenging Tom Feeney this November. Despite Feeney being able to draw his own damn district, Kosmas is his first ever real opponent who is getting national Dem backing. Maybe, just maybe, the most corrupt politician in Congress might lose this election.

But I guess that wouldn't be very patriotic of us, would it?

Please help Suzanne Kosmas by clicking HERE.

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