Friday, April 25, 2008

Breaking: Islam Exists, Sem. County Parents Outraged

Channel 9 reported on the Lake Brantley scandal:

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- Some high school students in a Seminole County public school got a lesson in Islam. Outraged parents at Lake Brantley High School called Channel 9 after an Islamic group visited the classroom.

Parents say the discussion violated the separation of church and state, because, they said, the discussion touched on specific elements of Islam and the Koran. Students in one particular class at Lake Brantley High School didn't have a choice about whether they wanted to be involved.

It was just the second day of a new class at Lake Brantley High School called "Family Dynamics," but students said guest speakers were there to talk about something else.

"She said, 'Mom, three Muslim ladies came in and talked about Islam today in school,'" said parent Lisa Wagner.

Wagner's daughter was one of about 35 in the class who heard from the Academy for Learning Islam. The school district said it invited the group to talk about cultural diversity, but the conversation went beyond that.

"I just felt like it shouldn't have been available in the classroom at all. Religion should be separate from school," Wagner said.

"Would three nuns be allowed to come into a classroom and talk about Jesus and the Bible?" WFTV reporter Eric Rasmussen asked Regina Klaers with Seminole County Public Schools on Thursday.

"If those three nuns came in to talk about how their religion has affected history, yes," she said.

I would love if my child got a lesson in world religions. I wish to God that our moron-in-chief would have been briefed sometime in his life before he became president.

Seperation of Church and State does not mean that you never mention a major religion in any context. It means that you don't force kids to pray or promote a particular religious ideology.

If they were trying to promote Islamic beliefs, then that would be wrong. But I didn't get that impression from the article. I also got the impression that the parents would not have a problem if this was a Christian group.

Speaking of which, Seminole County has NO PROBLEM whatsoever inviting JMJ (Jesus, Mary, Joseph) Life Center to area schools to force kids to listen to their views on sex. This organization was exposed by the Orlando Weekley discrediting contraception, calling the Pill an "abortion agent", trying to link breast cancer to abortion (which, by the way, there is absolutely NO proof at all), and claiming that condoms don’t prevent the spread of HIV.

You see Seminole, THAT is violating Seperation of Church and State. And it's downright lying too.

Hopefully, rational thought will prevail. But then I read further in the article:

Local activist groups like the United American Committee have also denounced the presentation.

Who is the United American Committee? From their website:

... a non-partisan movement of concerned Americans, promoting awareness of threats which face America from within. The UAC is dedicated to educating and awakening the nation to the current threats confronting the U.S., with the primarily focus on confronting Islamic extremism. The UAC champions the fight in the ideological aspects of the War on Terror, and brings the War on Terror to the grassroots level.

Brings the War on Terror to the grassroots level? Translation: we are too chicken to enlist and fight overseas.

So we will keep our kids safe from evil-doers by opening up a front here at places like Lake Brantley High School. I am certain those kids were contemplating going to a radical madrassa after learning what a Koran is. Thank you for protecting Freedom's Fortress again, UAC.

But rest easy, Seminole. The district is now "reviewing" its guest speaker program. This glimpse of insight will be stopped and we can keep out kids ignorant.

Next week's topic: Parents Outraged. Why won't the county allow the 10 Commandments to be displayed in school?


  1. Since ourcountry has waged a war on Islam, it is entirely appropriate to have representatives for Islam speak and inform us of what exactly we are fighting. I don't see why any one would have an objection to religion being discussed when we are obliterating thousands of Islam believers a month. If you kill them is it even considered a religion

  2. Learning a religion and learning about a religion are two different things.