Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Well, That Was Fun

Dorworth won. Congratulations to Chris and his family. Please don't bulldoze what's left of our green areas in Seminole--no matter how easy they make it for you.

Good effort, Steve. Outspending an opponent 100-1 does have an effect; but Steve, I implore you next time: Use Netroots!! It is one of the few advantages you can have over a well-funded Republican in a GOP-leaning district.

PS-Registered voters--you suck. NO, NOT for voting GOP--for NOT VOTING!!! The guy in my precinct, which has thousands of people--told me only 101 bothered to show up to vote the entire day. Pathetic. These State Reps really do have a big say your taxes, your schools, your environment, your life--you'd think you could take exactly 4 minutes (I timed it) to vote. Let's do better next time.


  1. 101 people voted??

    I'm surprised it was that many. My polling station was a desert.

  2. Don't feel bad at all...
    Both the governor's and treasurer races here in Kentucky have been called in favor of the Democrats. It looks like we'll grab the Attorney General's office as well!

    Your county will catch up with the rest of the nation soon.

  3. 75,000 people in District 34. That is sad...