Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We Republicans Are Sneaky, huh?
Dirty Tricks Caught on Video

If you have to misrepresent or lie to support an issue, then perhaps you should think whether it's a valid issue to begin with.

There is a real crime going on in California. My relatives there tell me they are being harassed by petitioners to "help children with cancer"--and that they must sign the forms in triplicate. The last form, ALWAYS covered by a stack of others and big rubber band, is the so-called "Fair Elections" act, which will gar-un-tee 22 electoral votes to the Republican Party. That initiative is always either poorly explained, not mentioned at all, or out and out lied about. Each is a violation of state election code. I am hearing the same thing over and over.

See it here.


JUST ONCE, I would like a fair election where my party doesn't try to steal the White House...

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  1. Why don't the Democrats try to do the same thing in a big Republican state like Texas?

    The only reason the GOP is doing it in CA is because it is reliable Democratic and they can steal 22 electoral votes--they don't give a rat's ass about fair elections (laughable).

    Stop bringing a knife to a gun fight.