Sunday, August 26, 2007

DNC Plays into GOP Hands in FL Primary Move

I would have preferred that we move our primary date to Febuary 5th or even Feb. 12th. But the GOP-dominated legislature picked Jan. 29. Given a choice between March 2008 , when the primary is all but over, or Jan. 29, I strongly supported the earlier date. Our state, the largest swing state in the nation, is too big and too diverse not to play a larger role. I preached this last January.

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Although Democrats outnumber GOPers 2 to 1 in this state, our legislature is overwhelmingly Republican. (Gerrymandering is a real problem in this state). The main reason the GOP moved our primary date from March to January as opposed to February 5 or 12 is because the DNC has a ridiculous rule that bans primaries before Feb. 5 that the RNC doesn't have. The GOP saw this as an opportunity to not only give Floridains a larger voice (good) but to make problems for the Democrats (not good--but typical).

The GOP legislature has NO INCENTIVE to comply with your demand to move the primary. Don't be stupid.

Your other "suggestion" that we hold a caucus AFTER our primary is even more dumb. Why would anyone vote in the primary? It would mean less than when we had our primary in March. This will disenfrancise our voters--another plus for the GOP.

And so now I awaken with headlines that Democrats will have no delegates to the convention; how the GOP faces "less drastic" sanctions; lawsuits that will be filed by our state party; and editorials on how unfair the DNC is being.

This is not good for us, nor our party.

But let's face it. The ONLY thing the DNC has control over anymore is the convention. A glorified coronation that serves a promotional purpose, but certainly not any real purpose in selecting the nominee. This is all about control, not democracy.

I don't think the ruling will stand. But even so, except for the negative publicity this is generating, I COULDN'T CARE LESS if we send delegates or not. The nominee is always selected MONTHS before the convention. Let someone else play that game.

I'd rather have a real voice. The candidates and the nation aren't stupid enough to ignore Florida. The DNC is only going to exploit their impotence.


  1. Hi there,

    I live in A.S. and I'm thinking of going to the Clint Curtis thang tonight... anyway, my theory is that since Hillary is slated to win the FL primary anyway, I couldn't care less about Florida Dems having delegates. (Edwards/Obama '08!!!!) My only fear is if they stick some Hate-Legislation on the ballot and only rethugs show up to vote. See you tonight??? (My name is Susan.) :-)

  2. PS--I had another editorial printed inthe paper on Tuesday on this subject. I doubt I'll get the hate mail I got last time..