Friday, August 31, 2007

Clint Curtis Kick Off Tonight

I post on DailyKos under the name SemDem. Tonight, there will be several Kossacks at the Winter Springs Civic Center to kick off the Clint Curtis campaign, including DarkSyde, who posted this item on the main page of DKos this morning: Click here

I hope you can make it. It's embarrassing to have the perpetually corrupt Feeney represent FL-24. Anyways, it's at 400N Edgemon Drive, Winter Springs, FL at 7pm to 9pm at the Civic Center on Sunshine Park.

It's amazing to me because I saw my street featured on Winter Springs on DKos-and a lot of heavy hitters are showing up tonight. (This event is practically right next to my house.) I'll see you there...


  1. Orlando Weekly did a hit job on clint. The narrative on him is that he is crazy, and the culprit was Ralph Gonzales, a former Ga. Rethug Party Executive Director, who had a consulting practice of sorts out of his home, with clients to include Feeney, Tom Price, and other worsts of the worst.

    Gonzales was just murdered 10 days ago in Orange County, Fl. Investigation is on-going, but seems to likely involve a sordid scandal of one category or another.

  2. See you there...