Saturday, June 13, 2015

JEB Bush Picks Now to Build New Mansion

John Ellis Bush is so serious about "inequality" as a theme for his campaign that he has vowed to close the gap if elected--by somehow further de-regulating Wall Street and giving bigger tax breaks to the 1%. As an added trick, JEB would do this using the exact same people who created the epidemic, no less.

But for a Bush to really do hypocrisy well, you need a splash of tone deaf.

Thank you JEB:

The former Florida governor’s new home will be built on a 1.3-acre site worth at least $1.4 million...

This, mind you, is "just a cottage", according to JEB. A hotel room, if you will, that will be 3,000 square-feet and have a gorgeous wraparound porch with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. It will be ready in time for July.

Because nothing says you understand "inequality" like building ANOTHER mansion on a family compound.

No word on the car elevator....

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