Friday, June 19, 2015

Charleston: Everything Wrong in One Photo

That's terrible... but what a deal!
Many people who live in Charleston, SC learned about the deadly gun massacre that killed nine people in their hometown from their morning paper---alongside an ad for dirt cheap guns, gun gear, and 50 rounds of ammo.

Anyone else seeing a problem here?

This isn't an anomaly. The Florida Times-Union led the story of a recent school bus shooting accompanied with a gun show sticker ad without a hint of irony.

(BTW, don't worry. The gun show went ahead as planned. There is never a time when they are considered in poor taste. Recall when Marilyn Manson cancelled his concert near Columbine, but the NRA went ahead with their show. I remember that because it was that day I could prove the anti-Christ showed more compassion than the gun lobby.)

In Connecticut, two newspapers ran gun ads while covering the horror of Sandy Hook. Some people even got mad at the papers when they apologized. I guess a sickening tragedy should never be an excuse to stop selling cheap guns and ammo for a few minutes.

Obama is right. We are the only civilized nation in the world with this kind of problem. No other nation has weekly gun massacres. Their citizens would be outraged and horrified by it. They would demand action. They would demand legislation be enacted. They would demand accountability to whatever psychopath dared to try and argue that this is normal.

Whereas here, it's apparently too much to even ask not to slap a gun advertisement on the same day we deal with the gruesome consequences of our sick gun culture.

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