Tuesday, January 13, 2015

So Rick Scott Wants To Run For President....

Oh Dear God WHY?

[Rick Scott] is a hugely divisive, charisma-free governor with a sketchy past, all of which might be overcome by his biggest asset: a vast personal fortune, which in American politics can fix just about any candidate's problems.

I honestly think he believes he can do this. Here's a man who should be serving time instead of office; and waking up every day in amazement of how much he gets away with-- and how little people in this state actually care. (I wake up every morning wondering the same thing.)

I really hope he goes for it. I do. I'd love for him to piss away his personal fortune that he amassed scamming people and selling favors. Also, maybe if he runs for president, someone will actually point out all the horrible things he's done to us as governor (unlike last time).

Of course, I am assuming the rest of America isn't as apathetic as Florida is towards our political leaders. Not only should I not underestimate America's apathy; I should also never underestimate how low the GOP will set the bar for their leadership positions.

Keep in mind I never thought "Gov. Rick Scott" would ever be a possibility either.

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  1. On the other hand, seeing Scott have to debate big name GOP Presidential hopefuls -- including perhaps some who came here praising him -- you'll be looking at a massacre that will make Fangate look like a summer picnic.