Saturday, January 24, 2015

Is Happy Face Scott On the Way Out?

Our gracious host here broke the late news about the newest Scott scandal, so I won't steal his thunder. But I'd like to note what this will mean in the broader picture (especially if Scott ends up resigning in disgrace), and if, as I have said, a deal was brokered between him and lead GOP Presidential candidates like Christie and Jindal to be on his best behavior, in exchange for their campaign props.

Democrats, my advice as an independent voter: We have numerous recorded quotes from those GOP candidates during the campaign, saying how Scott was an honest man, a good man, a man of integrity.

Collect those quotes now and get ready to use them. Because they will be a gold mine when any one of those GOP candidates is on the stump in 2018.

That's all I'll say, other than that I have decided to remove my former blog (Rick Scott Must Go), for a couple of reasons. One is that I plan to do something else with the material soon. The other is that this blog has become my home for this sort of thing now, and it will serve to streamline some of my activities.

If I go quiet for a bit, it's because I'm working on something.

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