Friday, February 28, 2014

Rick Scott Supports AZ Anti-Gay Bill But Too Cowardly to Admit It

What does it look like when you support something that you know will hurt your re-election?

This bit of awkwardness:

In an interview with host Chuck Todd on Wednesday Scott was repeatedly asked whether he thought Brewer should sign the bill. Other Republicans have said she shouldn't. Each time he was asked, Scott refused to answer saying he hadn't seen the legislation.

"Chuck, I've not seen that bill," Scott said in response to a question from MSNBC's Chuck Todd on the bill.

Holy Cow.

You are a tea party governor so of course you know you are going to be asked if you support it.

The full text of the bill is one page. You don't even need to read the whole thing (definitions and legal-eaze make up most of it).

Chuck tried one more time.

"Do you think religious -- do you think a bill like that, religious beliefs, should be used as a basis of denying services to a gay couple?"

"I haven't seen the bill, but I can tell you I'm trying to recruit companies every day to our state," Scott said.

If Chuck really wanted to see Rick dance he could have read him the key paragraph about discrimination and asked if he agreed with it.

Of COURSE Rick supports the bill. But he's not going to say it. In fact, if it was presented to him this year I would bet he would veto it because it would be the death-knell of his campaign. But I guarantee you that if Rick's voter suppression succeeds and he squeaks by another victory... you will definitely see this bill become law in Florida.

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