Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 14 Primary: Seminole Democrat Blog Endorsements

Only a few races this year... and fewer endorsements.   Two to be exact.  Although I'll give some thoughts on each. 

MAKE SURE you vote on August 14th; for anything to ensure you are good to go for voting in the main election Nov. 2.   The GOP-controlled legislature made it very difficult to vote:  they cut early voting, they made registration difficult, don't have to give you information at the ballot box; and if you changed your address OR changed your name within the past four years, you will get a PROVISIONAL ballot, which almost never counts.

MAKE SURE YOU CAN VOTE.   Vote in the primary.  If you just can't make it Tuesday, at the very least check your information to make sure you are good to go for November at
Now here we go:


There is somebody else running (Glenn Burkett).  I don't care.   Bill Nelson can defeat Cornilius McGillicuddy IV (Connie Mack).  That is who we need.


You can go for Jason Kendall or Nicholas Ruiz.  Nicholas Ruiz is definitely the more progressive of the two, but Kendall might stand a better chance in this gerrymandered, made for the GOP district that includes all of Bithlo.  Either one would be a good Democrat and a vast improvement over Mica or Adams.  Either one is also facing an uphill battle:

Compare for yourself here

See responses here


For the 18th Judicial Circuit, Group 26:   Personally, for me, I cannot find any reason to not continue to support Jim Earp for Circuit Judge. He has done well and has a solid platform. I have nothing against his Challenger, Matt Aungst, and I like to have a choice (Earp has run unopposed before). I don't see anything in Aungst's platform that would give me concern, but I am confused why he hasn't been willing to face any editorial boards, like the Orlando Sentinel, to explain why he is running. Here are two comparisons side by side, read them and make your own decision

For County Court Judge Group 2:  I really have no strong feelings in this race.   Any of them I think would do a fair job.   Sometimes a Judge is a political hack who has an agenda, which needs to be called out.  That is not the case here.

For an endorsement, I would need to at least send a questionnaire or contact each candidate for a response, which I didn't do this year.  However, there is only so much they can tell you.  These roles aren't partisan, and they cannot talk about how they would have handled certain cases.   For a comparison,  I urge you to look video of their interviews before the Orlando Sentinel editorial board.  For what it is worth,  the Sentinel has endorsed Jeff Dowdy.

ENDORSEMENT FOR SCHOOL BOARD District 4:  Amy Lockhart. 
Mostly because her opponent is Sylvia Pond.  Four years ago I endorsed a Republican, Barry Gainer, over Sylvia Pond. I complained that Sylvia Pond was a right-wing radical who wanted creationism taught in science class. and that she had no business on the school board.    Unfortunately, she eventually did get elected (gotta hand it to her for persistance.)  In 2010, the Sentinel said Sylvia and the rest of the board deserved an “F” for their lack of honesty in statements  made about the half-cent sales tax for schools.  That is probably why she didn't respond to the Sentinel's questions this year.   Yes, I am sure that Amy is a GOPer as well, but between the two, I would pick her.

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  1. All my endorsements won! I hope I have this luck in the general!