Saturday, January 08, 2011

Teabaggers Get Their Wish. Madman Shoots Congresswoman.

After a year of teabagger candidates like Sharon Angle calling for "2nd amendment remedies", or another calling for armed revolution, or yet another politician/Fox News darling calling for violent overthrow, or Rep. King... you know what, just google this. There are too many instances for me to link.

Sarah Palin LITERALLY targeting Giffords

Violent imagery such as painting a rifle scope bull's eye to "take down" Congresspeople you don't like (which Sarah took down all of the sudden) or calling for violent overthrow to a legion of nonthinking right-wing fanatics IS sort of like giving gas and a match to an arsonist and then saying you had nothing to do with it.

The Congresswoman's very own father said she was targeted by the teabaggers, and her office was vandalized by these nuts, and she and her family suffered from violent threats for quite some time.

I am happy she is still alive and hope this will make some in the GOP wakeup to the fanatics in their ranks. Maybe, just maybe, they might tone down the hate speech.

Maybe I expect too much.

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