Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rick Scott First Week Kills 48,000 Jobs

Never again can a teabagger complain about a Democratic bill being a "job-killer". Our teabagger/criminal-in-chief, Rick Scott, just killed high-speed rail.

The Florida Department of Transportation told a key Senate committee that building the line would generate more than 48,000 new jobs.

And that's just with the initial construction.

Once the line was up and running, it would have been tens of thousands more in the new business communities that would have inevitably sprung up from the stations. Not to mention the opportunies created for the citizens of Tampa and Orlando--who could feasibily now work live in one city but work in the other because of the 44 minute ride.

OH.. and the federal government was offering to pay 90 percent of the planned cost!

What is the alternative, by the way, to the I-4 parking lot??

It will cost half of that just to build an extra lane on I-4 from Tampa to the midway point in Lakeland. And if we do that, NO ONE is going to contribute!!

The governor has expressed concerns about putting taxpayers on the hook if the project were to go over budget, but FDOT officials have repeatedly said it would be contractors, not taxpayers, who would have to come up with the money.

This is called WIN WIN WIN WIN.

And it is also called DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD.

Senator Nelson said today that Rick Scott told him that he would not support the rail project unless Florida didn't contribute a penny. Sorry folks, that isn't going to happen. You can't get something for nothing--something a teabagger should understand.

Even though in this case you are going to get 90% for nothing!!

I would bet that we could have easily gotten private industry to pick up the remainder. But the problem is that the state DOT, who depend on the governor for funding, aren't going after the private investors because they know the governor wants this to fail.

WHY? TWO WORDS: President Obama. This is a project that came from his stimulus program. It is a program that has worked, but the teabaggers hate to no end. (After all, they fight for the upperclass welfare, and since this only benefits them but not the wealthy, the tea-sheeple are being told to oppose.)

It is the teabaggers that Rick Scott feels he must answer to...and when teabaggers get their way, we all lose.

If the Democrats in this state had an ounce of political savvy, they would have huge billboards in this state that would count the number of jobs added until we get to the 700,000 Rick Scott promised to add. And they would start by rolling it back to
(negative)-48,000. This will be the first of many, unfortunately.

But at least someone would be keeping count.

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