Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sink Hits Rick Scott in New Ad...FINALLY

Only in Florida could a bona-fide criminal who stole money from taxpayers and seniors; and not to mention barely escaped imprisonment, be a contender for high office. (Using the money he stole, no less).

In this ad, Republicans and law enforcement officials talk about uber-criminal Rick Scott:

Transcript of Ad:


TV :30

Michael McAuliffe (State Attorney, Florida 15th Judicial Circuit): Take it from prosecutors who know - Rick Scott just can't be trusted.

William Cervone (REPUBLICAN State Attorney, Florida 8th Judicial Circuit): Scott claims he didn't know the company he led was systematically defrauding Medicare.

Paul Southwick (Sergeant, Tampa Police Department): Ripping off seniors and taxpayers.

McCauliffe: But when he was questioned under oath, Rick Scott pled the Fifth seventy-five times.

Robert Crowder (REPUBLICAN Sheriff of Martin County): That means Scott refused to answer questions to avoid incriminating himself.

Cervone: Seventy-five times, Rick Scott refused to answer.

McCauliffe: Rick Scott couldn't be trusted as a CEO. And Florida can't trust Rick Scott as governor.

I would LOVE for Alex Sink to also run an ad on Rick Scott ALSO being on the Board of Directors of a company used by Saudi Arabia and Iran to suppress Internet access!

Throw in an extra ad for his extremist views, and you can nail this bastard.

Yes, she has positive ads as well, but frankly people need to know the alternative. There is no contest here. No rational person could pick a criminal over the most qualified person in years.

Wake Up Florida! You are soooo much better than this!

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