Thursday, June 17, 2010


Because if you think about it, they really are the victim in all of this...


  1. Typical GOP response...HOW dare Obama take action and get BP to pay for their mess...

    While the President has worked to ensure that BP is held fully accountable to the families and small businesses of the Gulf, something Bush would NEVER do, Republicans and Joe Barton are proving that they are only accountable to BP and the oil industry. Joe Barton has received more money THAN ANY MEMBER OF CONGRESS from Big spare me your Constitutional argument.

    While the President has secured a guarantee of at least $20 billion for Gulf Coast residents, Republicans and Joe Barton have lined their pockets with BP contributions and stock dividends. While the President has gotten BP to rightfully apologize to the American people for their reckless behavior, their inexcusable response and their insulting approach, Republicans are apologizing to BP.

    Exxon Valdez recipients are STILL fighting in Court...after Exxon promised to "honor all legitimate claims". Maybe you want them to fight in court for 40 years? At least the GOP has reason..they have their pockets lined by oil money. Most likely, you are a trailer trash who is being used to fight for billionares. DEMS fight for the American people. Well done.

  2. So I wonder where this teabagger was when George W. Bush had similar arrangements OVER 97 TIMES:

    One case, with Bristol-Myers, not only did they pay a restitution fund, they removed the CEO.

    It's just like when Bush spent like a drunken sailor and made Iraq a welfare state...but teabaggers are upset now that we are actually spending money IN AMERICA! (And pay less taxes under Obama).