Sunday, June 20, 2010

Teabaggers Rush in to Defend BP

I was reading through the comments in my last post and couldn't resist. A teabagger agrees that the big bad Obama is shaking down poor helpless BP by getting them to pay for their mess. Teabaggers are quite content letting the poor saps on the Gulf fight for decades in Court like the Exxon Valdez victims. What really got me going was his claim about restitution funds being unConstitutional (despite it being done in previous administrations, including the last one). I would like to address this joker myself.

Mr. Teabagger...Nobody but NOBODY thinks your klan are defenders of the Constitution except other teabaggers. If you were really "defenders", there would have been a peep out of you when the Bush administration spied on literally millions of people without warrants.

From 2006:
The Bush administration doesn't deny it has been spying on Americans - they brag about it. They're listening to our phone calls, reading our emails, and looking at our bank transactions. They're gathering databases about our medical records, what we charge on our credit cards, and where we travel.

When Democrats point out that this is illegal without a court order, Rove simply floods the airwaves with Republicans who say, "We're doing it to protect you!"

I got into an argument in late 2006 with local radio gadfly Bud Hedinger, a Beck wannabe wingnut who now fancies himself a teabagger, who told me that I shouldn't care if someone listens in on my phonecall "to Aunt Tilly". The teabaggers haven't actually read the Constitution, so let me tell them: Due Process, Free Speech, and Protections from Unlawful Search and Seizure are all in there.

Now these some people, who thought these actual violations were all okay under Bush, are outraged over Obama...a Constiutional law scholar who actually respects the document. But hey, Bush was a GOPer, not a scary, competent Black Man.

By the way, if you teabaggers were really sincere, you would be fighting for Wall Street reform.

Wall Street is the only place in America where SOCIALISM exists. When they make bad decisions, they got a massive bailout from Bush paid for by working class stiffs.

If you recall, the Tea Parties were originally formed to protest the bailouts.

So, no doubt you will take this opportunity of course to launch your own protest of the socialist TARP money, the easy credit, the lack of regulation, the wild risk taking and the excessive bonuses paid with taxpayer money?

Righhht... You aren't going to do anything.

Honestly, I feel sorry for you. You are a dupe. You think you are fiercely independent when in fact you are part of the most easily manipulated movement in history. All that anger toward the power establishment and what happened? YOU WERE USED by that same establishment to fight against health care reform and to try to protect the health insurance companies.


Now, when it's time to fight the financial companies, where are the teabaggers??

Nowhere to be found. Why? Because FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity didn't organize any bus rides to Wall Street. They didn't manufacture the outrage they did in protecting the health care companies. They used the Tea Party protestors for their own purposes and then left them on the side of the road, only to be picked up again when they are needed in November.

You are never, ever going to protest Wall Street because you guys are ignorant dupes being led by the nose by your corporate overlords.

And now you are fighting tooth and nail for BP because Rush and other of your handlers told you to.

Your handlers protect, deregulate, and allow corporations to move jobs out of the country and avoid taxes. It’s not surprising to see teabaggers following orders and rushing in to defend BP and absolve them of all liability. It is difficult to sit and watch oil pollute beaches and cook animals alive while ‘sorry’ Republicans defend BP, but Boehner and your hero, Joe Barton, have received millions from Big Oil, so you do as your told.

Wake up. Your whole movement is a sad joke being played on its own members.


  1. Your teabagger friend is using an old talking point and needs to update his marching orders.

    The original outrage is that this was a shakedown and "illegal". The new outrage is that this was a GOP idea all along:

    Those guys are hilarious

  2. I imagine with the exception of what a woman can do with her uterus, who can marry who, snatching US citizens off the street and shipping them to third-world shit-holes to be tortured without charges or trial, listening into private phone calls and reading emails without cause or warrant, and deporting hundreds of thousands of American children to refugee camps in Mexico by force, you and your peers absolutely demand Big Government stay the hell out of the peoples' gosh darn private business! Presumably without noticing anything the least bit inconsistent in all that. And apparently we're all supposed to pretend that it's just swell to have these clowns deeply engaged, and at times calling the shots, in what was an already desperate and corrupt party.

  3. How's this for constitutional?

    Teabaggers want to OVERTURN constitutional elections so their minority can get in office: