Monday, September 21, 2009

Story About Our New Senator

The following post is by mujr:

For our newly appointed senator, George LeMieux, who replaced Mel Martinez. I believe he retired due to the stress of controversial mail from his constituents recently, and the pressure to actually work for them.

Replacement Republican senator George LeMeiux, sent his obligatory email to my mailbox, introducing himself appointed by Governor Charlie Crist, who couldn’t have made a better choice. This man is for the Republican right wing, family values, status quo, etc. His introduction in that email was bland, touching on a few talking points and had a box to “respond” to his web page.
And I wrote:

“We need a public option. I don't care about the big health care insurers.
They are for profit making and denying much needed care for the people they
service. If you cannot see what they have done thus far to innocent,
gullible and trusting subscribers, you need to get on it. Florida Blue
Cross Blue Shield has offered a catastrophic policy to me that would cost $370.00
a month, covers nothing except catastrophic illness. A huge deductible with
a list of items on your past medical history that would not be covered for 7 years,” and etc. I did use the words, “claptrap” and Republican Talking Points further along.

When I got to the “send” button, there appeared the usual “crazy” letters and numbers to be deciphered. Having tried 3 or four times without success, I went directly to his brand new web page to post my comment. I noticed that there were several welcoming letters by the teabaggers, birthers, and family values crowd. There was a “post a comment here” and so I pasted my original comment into that open feed and guess what?

It was rejected by a pop up on my screen that informed me that my email was inappropriate. Should I be surprised? How did they even know? So much for where our new Senator from the GREAT STATE OF FLORIDA stands.

Why don't the rest of us democrats, progressives and independents in Florida " Welcome " him with an email, too?

DC Phone: 202-224-3041

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