Friday, December 19, 2008

Hey Big Three! Why Can't We Get This....

The new Ford Fiesta:

(Picture from Federal

65 miles per gallon on the highway.

Where to find this car? YOU HAVE TO GO TO EUROPE! They only sell the stylish models there. HERE in America, we get this crap:

(Picture from Federal

Same Car, but uglier and 35 miles per gallon on the highway--on a good day.

Or this showroom "beauty":

(Picture from

Five more miles to the gallon, but you pay for it by having to drive a box on wheels.

Ford insists they cannot sell the stylish diesel-powered Fiesta in the US because they don't have the $350 million necessary to buld a facility capable of manufacturing the engine. (Just like they can't sell us any cars without the stupid 3-grill design).

However, they do apparently have no trouble spending $1 billion a month of their reserves to keep churning out the same old crap with ridiculously low gas mileage.

After all, Americans don't want fuel-efficiency. WE want ugly box vehicles capable of stopping a Gdamned airplane!!!:

(Picture from

For years, the Big 3 insisted on building Huge, Ugly, Gas-Guzzling vehicles while laughing at American's growing concern for high gas prices and global warming. Even after crisis mode they still built giant SUVs and Hummers while their European and Asian competitors built stylish, fuel efficient cars that are currently kicking their collective butt.

Breaking: NOW that you have just received the 17 BILLION from us taxpayers for NOT buying your cars--maybe you can rethink that factory?

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  1. 17 Billion and the cars will still be crap...