Tuesday, May 22, 2007

WARNING: Trees Endanger Parking Lot

I wanted to warn Seminole Co. officials that there is still a small patch of forest left on SR434 that has not been converted to townhouses, condos, or a model home subdivision yet. I want to bring this to your attention so you can correct the problem immediately and bulldoze over the last few green infested areas that have apparently blighted this county for too long.

But by all means, avoid touching the abandoned megastores and stripmalls along 17-92 and Semoran. The graffitti covered buildings, shattered windows, and rotted parking lots are sacred to our people. God forbid you should harm them with new development--instead, cleanse the patches of natural landscape in between these sacred places. It just makes sense.


  1. I think Seminole County Commissioners have done a good job balancing economic development and environmental preservation. Seminole County is blessed with ample green space. I don't think anyone takes that for granted.

  2. I agree with the blogger. Check the strip of road along Winter Springs to see what I mean. However, Seminole has done a lot better job than Orange.