Sunday, May 06, 2007


I will support whoever the Dem nominee is, and we are lucky to have an assortment of strong, qualified candidates this time. I met Vilsack last year, and am sad he had to drop out--but it wasn't unexpected. I am actually upset that Wes Clark is not in it--I think we need his foreign policy expertise more than ever.

HOWEVER, I have looked closely at the candidates, and unless something changes in the next 12 months, (which could happen), my money (and support) is on Obama.

He has the charisma, the intelligence, and the expertise (Click Here) to get the job done. He also has a clean record, an ability to connect to people in both red and blue states, and already has quite a following. Ultimately, I really think he will perform better in the general election than Hillary would. So Obama is my man!

It will be so nice to once again have a leader be president, as opposed to just a manipulated moron.

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