Saturday, August 08, 2015

Trump: Megyn "Bimbo" and Has "Blood Coming Out of Somewhere Else"

First off, I wholeheartedly agree with "the Donald" that the clown show known as "Fox News" has an agenda for picking the winner of the GOP primary. It was obvious when they divided up the participants for a "prime-time" and "loser" debate, instead of holding two prime-time debates. It was more obvious the way the moderators threw pre-arranged softball questions for people they liked, like Jeb Bush (to highlight his "accomplishments"), as opposed to the way they went after someone they really didn't like--Donald Trump.

(With all the issues we are facing, does anyone think that the first question asked about being a spoiler was anything but a way to embarrass Trump?)

One of their attack lines against Trump was that he was misogynistic. Oh, he is. In a BIG way. But c'mon, so are the rest of them. He's standing right next to Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee, for crying out loud. But Fox News knew how to push Trump's buttons.

Megyn Kelly asked essentially why he hates women. Trump, being Trump, gave a disgusting answer attacking Rosie O'Donnell. Then said some other disgusting things. Blah blah, debate ended.

Then Trump, again being Trump, went late into the night seething with a bruised ego. At 2am Friday morning he sent tweet after tweet lambasting Fox News and, in particular, Megyn Kelly.

One of the tweets he sent out said "Fox viewers give low marks to bimbo @MegynKelly will consider other programs!"

He also tweeted that she was "overrated", "angry", and (his favorite) a "loser".

That night on an interview he didn't stop. He went on to call her "not very sharp", a "lightweight" and other names. Then he said that she "had blood coming out of her eyes. Or blood coming out of somewhere else."

I am no fan of Megyn "I hate scary black Santa" Kelly. Yet attacking her as a woman is despicable. Yeah, she's a hack... so are all the others at Fox. That attack on her was classless and disgraceful.

Yet all I can think about is this sad reality:


In the past few weeks Trump has attacked Hispanics, POWs, and women in such a mean way that no one can sugar-coat what he thinks of them. (Although they try.) Yet he is leading by DOUBLE-DIGITS across the board.

These are hateful, spiteful, bigoted, and small-minded people. They are the GOP. And Donald Trump is the face.

Don't cry, Fox News. After all, you are largely responsible for creating the ignorant, hateful masses that are his followers. They are called your viewers.

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