Friday, July 17, 2015

Rick Scott "Not Offended" by Trump's Racism

One of the things Rick Scott is well known for in Florida is dodging questions. Somewhere early on in his first campaign apparently someone told him that he was so bad at talking that he needs to ignore questions he doesn't want to answer by repeating the same talking point over and over and over.

He has taken that advice to the extreme.

But this should have been an easy question.

He was asked what he thought of Trump's comments on whether Mexican immigrants were, for the most part, "killers" and "rapists". You would think Rick Scott could handle an easy condemnation of Trump's remarks.

1. Consider that Rick Scott is governor of a state with a very large Hispanic population.

2. Consider that he even picked an Hispanic Lt. Governor completely outside his circle JUST to pander.

Even something along the lines of "I disagree that the Mexican immigrants currently building my beach mansion are murders and rapists".

EZ-PZ, nice and easy. Condemn the remarks, move on.

Or, since this is Rick Scott, DO THIS.

Rick Scott, once again, painfully and awkwardly pretending to be asked a different question. Incredulous at the game he was playing, the reporter asked point blank if he was offended. Here is where Rick slipped and finally answered the question, truthfully, saying he WAS NOT OFFENDED.

Quickly realizing he was answering the question, he immediately backtracked to the talking point.

Rick Scott doesn't care about Mexicans. That was painfully clear last election when senior staffers in his campaign mocked Mexican accents. His finance chair, a mogul with Hispanic heritage, was infuriated. Despite raising record amounts of cash for Rick Scott, the man was pushed out, called a liar and "bizzare", and Rick Scott strongly defended the two bigots who insulted him.

Of course Rick Scott doesn't care about Trump's bigotry. It also doesn't hurt that Trump was one of Rick Scott's largest single donors last election.

However, to give you an idea of just how bad Rick Scott's performance was, even the object of Scott's affection, Donald Trump, admitted that Rick Scott sounded like an idiot.

And let me remind you, that accusation is coming from Donald Trump!

Rick Scott--all the bigotry, none of the charisma.

(PS. His Lt. Gov, Carlos Lopez Canterra, has also refused to condemn Trump's remarks and has nothing to say about his boss being okay with it. Carlos just announced yesterday that he was going to run for the open Senate seat. As I said about Jeb Bush, people who can't stand up for their own family aren't ever going to fight for you.)

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