Friday, February 27, 2015

GOP Goes All In for Rick Scott for President; Ben Carson for FL Senator

The preposterous nature of the title is sparked from a recent conversation I had with a friend of mine.

Rick Scott is the two-term governor of a state with the third most electoral votes in the nation. He is well-funded, business-friendly (well, corporate crony-friendly), a former CEO, Navy veteran and said he is definitely interested. The GOP and Koch-allied groups spent tens of millions of dollars in our state to promote Rick Scott's story and tell us he was a great leader. John Ellis Bush (JEB) couldn't say enough great things about him. Rick Scott was the man.

With all of those credentials, and with all of those people trying to shove him down our throats, you might be asking: why isn't he being promoted to run for president? Why isn't the national GOP and the Koch brothers pushing him for a national campaign if they believed in him so much?

Next question:

Florida resident Ben Carson is the rising star in the GOP field, at least according to Murdoch's Wall Street Journal. A famous neurosurgeon who was the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a tea party darling.

If he's "good enough" to run for the highest office in the nation, ever wonder why NO ONE (and I mean NO ONE) is trying to recruit him to run for the upcoming vacancy of Marco Rubio's FL Senate seat? Or governor of our state, for that matter?

These men are conservative's conservatives.

They represent the epitome of tea party "values". They are promoted as GOP "stars".

But deep down inside, the same republicans who are promoting these yahoos to the legion of Fox watching mouth-breathers know these are bullshit candidates.

When you rolled your eyes at the title, it was because you thought what all of them think: of COURSE they aren't going all in for Rick Scott. The man is a FREAKING criminal. Par for the course in our state, but you don't give someone like that NATIONAL power! My God, Rick Scott is embroiled in so many scandals now the damage he would do and the corruption he'd bring on the national level would be unfathomable.

And Ben Carson! Are you kidding me? Of COURSE no one wants Ben Carson to actually run anything--the man thinks the Earth is 6000 years old, homosexuality is no different than bestiality, ISIS are akin to our patriots and the flat tax is called for in the Bible!

Rick Scott may be evil, incompetent, and awkward, but Ben Carson is someone who has truly gone loonytunes and everyone in this state, including conservatives, don't want him making actual decisions.

If they did, they'd be running him. They'd be backing him. They'd believe in him.

They don't. We don't

So why are we playing their games? Tell the Florida GOP to put up or shut up. You think Rick Scott was so great? Get behind his dream to run for president. Why won't you?

You think Ben Carson is their new face of your movement? Put your money where your mouth is. I'd LOVE to see him go against Alan Grayson!

Or will you admit that you are terrified--almost as terrified as the rest of us. Not that they'd lose, but that they'd win.

PS, my friend is the son of Dr. Fergie Reid, the first African-American elected to Virginia's State Assembly and voting rights icon. Vetwife did a remarkable write-up on his latest effort to register 90 new voters in every Virginia precinct for his 90th birthday. Support the movement.

Republicans no longer believe in registering voters (and in Florida, you can be punished for it). In fact, they have become strong advocates of suppressing the vote nationwide, especially here in Florida. Fight back. Support 90 for 90. And thanks.

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