Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Remember When the Dems Shut Down the Economy Over Gun Control?

The year was 2007. Nancy Pelosi tells Bush she will NOT pass a budget unless he agrees to sign comprehensive gun control legislation.

OR, its 2005. Democrats say we will default on our debt unless Bush agrees to pull ALL of our troops out of Iraq.

OR its today. Harry Reid tells the House he'll give in to some demands, but demands in return that the House pass pro-choice legislation.

And each time we complained and whined that the GOP will not "negotiate" with us. .

Because that, my friends, is EXACTLY what the GOP is asking of us.

The House GOP refuses to do their most fundamental job of passing a damn budget, of which they are both handsomely paid and get gold-plated healthcare coverage, unless they can implement their failed platform that they lost the election over--and lost BIG I might add.

The tea party anarchists want to COMPLETELY change the way we do government. If a small fringe group of one party in one House doesn't like a law? Or WANTS a law passed? There is NOW precedent to shut down the government over it.

Now of course, the Dems would NEVER EVER EVER EVER even consider this. Unlike those asshats, we actually care about people. We don't want kids to starve, parents to become desperate, cancer patients to not get treatment, and so on. Even if what we demand, like Gun Control, is supported by 90% of the population, we wouldn't threaten the American people with destroying our economy over it.

We don't take pleasure in our own citizens suffering.

The Tea Party asshats don't give a shit.

The media, the supposed "liberal" media, of course, would blast the Democrats for even considering a maneuver like this. We would be crucified... and rightfully so!!!

But crazy is such the norm for the GOP, all of the media is considering this GOP-manufactured crisis to be "both sides not blinking" and "both sides to blame". The framing has been "those darn Congress people". Never, "the GOP is being fucking outrageous!"

There is a double standard. We don't have any of the crazy and stupid (Gohmert, Bachmann, et al.) that they have, much less allow them to become our standard-bearers. We are Americans who, even at this very moment realize the GOP is digging their own grave, are in pain because of the needless suffering of good people caused by nutjobs hell-bent on pursuing an ideology: even if it means the destruction of our country.

They admitted being "Excited" and "Giddy" about shutting our government down. Last year they said the shutdown threat was all about the deficit. THIS year? They are adding 2 billion A WEEK by some estimates to the deficit because of this shutdown... and all because of their righteous and bold stance to deny people health insurance. Of course, Obamacare is just the new excuse. ONLY AN IDIOT would think that if ACA didn't exist, it wouldn't be some other reason to shut us down.

Next year? Who knows what the excuse will be. All I know is that they will do this again: they will demand concessions to their platform or they get to shut down the government they hate (but feed from). To them its win-win.

Even though this all but guarantees Dem victories next year, it feels like lose-lose to us. Because we have a fucking conscience. We aren't "giddy", we are pissed... and sad.

And 2014 can't come soon enough.

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