Friday, October 26, 2012

Seminole Democrat 2012 Florida Voter Guide and Endorsements!!

Early Voting starts Saturday, October 27 thru Saturday, November 3, 7am-7pm

For all Floridians: Find your early voting locations by visiting your respective SoE site. You can find your SoE here.
In Seminole County, its at your local library or SoE office.

  • President: Vote Barack Obama/Joe Biden
  • Senator: Vote Bill Nelson
  • Congress: Vote for the Democrat!! (same for state races)
  • Constitutional Amendments: Vote NO on all Amendments--especially 5 and 6!!
    (All amendments were placed by the GOP legislature-not one by citizens. They are all are either misleading, a blatant power grab, or roll back your rights).
  • FL Supreme Court: Vote YES to retain all Supreme Court Justices!
    R. Fred Lewis, Barbara J. Pariente, and Peggy A. Quince (The GOP and the Koch Brothers are spending millions attacking them so Rick Scott can pick 3 new right-wing judges. Don't let him!)

Specific to my own Seminole County:
  • Congress, District 3: Corrine Brown
  • Congress, District 7: Jason Kendall
  • State Senate, District 20: Leo Cruz
  • State House, District 29: Mike Clelland
  • State House, District 30: Karen Castor-Dentel
  • State Attorney: Ryan Vescio
  • Seminole County Commission District 5: Gail Ellis
  • Seminole County Commission District 4: Rick Russi
  • Winter Springs Commission District 3: Pam Carroll
  • City of Oviedo Councilman, Group III: Stephen Schneck
  • Soil and Water Group 1: Tom Johnson

Printable Voter Guide to take to the polls!


  1. Do you have any thoughts on the Soil Board races around the state? It is difficult to find information on the candidates.

    1. The advice given below to see who the local Democratic party endorses is the worst advice ever. That said, the local Dems make it very difficult to find information about themselves and that's how I wound up here.

      James C. Adamski vs. Scott Sturgill is here...If you need feedback, the Dem Adamski appears to be far more qualified on a professional level and i plan on voting for him.

      Ariel Gaussart vs. Thomas Johnson is here. Again, the Dem-Johnson is my choice, and again on professional background.

      Its shocking that both positions appear (from my opinion of the Republican perspective) to be buddy appointments designed to propel these individuals into some sort of public arena. Neither of the Republican candidates appear to have any sort of relevant experience-only endorsements from "important people".

  2. Go to your local Democratic party website and see who they endorse.

  3. Visit your SoE site as well... they will list the election websites of the candidates so you can make a distinction. A Democrat is more likely to stand up to Rick Scott's rape of our land, so if there is an endorsement by the local Dem party, go for it.