Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sandy Adams Screws Us on Payroll Tax Cut

The Senate passed a payroll tax cut extension with 90% approval. However, the House GOP, including my own representative, Sandy Adams, just walked out knowing inaction will cause a big cut in my take-home pay next year.

I note the GOP had no trouble passing the Bush tax cut, which unlike the payroll tax cut, wasn't paid for and primarily benefitted the upper crust. But the payroll tax cut only helps working families, and has been labeled a “gimmick” by GOP members for weeks. And now we are to believe they really did want it but are rejecting it because it isn’t long enough?

We are not stupid. There are many reasons for the GOP to oppose this tax cut. Maybe they think working families don’t deserve it, or maybe it’s their misguided belief that a bad economy will help them this November, or maybe it’s just because Obama dared to support it. But don’t dare tell me you are giving me a tax hike because you are fighting for me.

If you hate the tax hike as well Contact Sandy Adams and let her know.

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