Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mitt Romney: "Rick Scott is a great man, a great leader!"

On the national level, defeating Romney is all about pointing to how he made his fortune: by bankrupting profitable businesses, literally destroying thousands of jobs, and outsourcing the rest overseas. Then there's his miserable record as governor, which had one of the worst job creation records in the country. Not to mention his flip-flops on every issue... and that little bit of hypocricy called Romneycare.

But state by state is how the GOP fights, and that's what we need to do. So here is how it will go down in the Sunshine state...

First of all, let me be clear. Romney will be the nominee. Period. Spare me any talk about the new GOP or the tea party or any of that crap. I am terrible at picking the Democratic nominees (I was sure it would be Clinton in ‘08 just as I was sure it wouldn’t be in ’92), but when it comes to the GOP, my track record is 100% because I know the truth: the establishment always wins. It was Dole’s turn in ’96, although there were stronger players. No doubt it was W for ’00, although like Bob Dole, McCain put up a good fight and unquestionably supported the establishment choice…. thus putting himself in the que for the 2008 election. The pattern continues, and it’s Romney’s turn. The GOP establishment will not allow Bachmann or Palin to be the nominee and there is nothing, NOTHING, the useful idiots can do to stop that.

So we focus on Romney.

A visual of the plan looks something like this.

If there is one thing Floridians hate, its their devious, criminal, teabag governor.
He is now at 29% approval, the worst of any modern governor in any poll with the exception of Rod Blagojevich… and you know, he wasn’t that far behind with 18%.

Scott is so far in the dumps that he is trying to remake his image with pre-written Letters to the Editor and unsolicited, nonstop robocalls to every Floridian saying we got it wrong and he is actually awesome. (Everyone loves robocalls--Genius!)

Last November, Scott sank Sink by tying her to Obama. Repeatedly. Countless ads showing Sink saying nice things about Obama. Obama was nowhere on the ballot, but he was everywhere. This election cycle, we need to return the favor…

Rick Scott is a great man, a great leader…
-Mitt Romney

Rick Scott was strongly endorsed by Mitt Romney last year. They shared the stage in Florida’s conservative capital—the stepford-wives creepy “the Villages”.

At the Villages, Mitt Romney touted Rick Scott’s business experience… even though he knew about his documented criminal past.

He didn’t have to do this. He didn't have to endorse him. He could have stood on principle, if he had any. No other presidential hopeful bothered to stand with Rick Scott.

In fact, many conservative pundits and GOP politicians denounced Rick Scott. The VERY same day that Mitt Romney stood on stage with Rick Scott, Fox News darling Dick Morris gave an interview with WDBO where he had this to say:

"I think Rick Scott is a criminal who belongs in jail not in the governor's office."

Morris went on to say that he'd vote for the Democrat Alex Sink.

"She's a terrible candidate... her opponent is a criminal," he said.

But after the election, you'd think Mitt would have had the good sense to shut up. But it was Mitt who supported Scott sending the massive job-creating, 2.4 billion rail project to another state:
I read the governor's decision. He was concerned that the rail project would be a longterm sinkhole...--Mitt Romney

Right… which explains why Scott rejected a fully-funded project but supports spending $77 million of state money on an actual sinkhole. And didn't you go after try to spend hundreds of millions on rail in MA, Mitt?

Romney was also supportive of Rick Scott’s job-killing budget. I'm no youtube guru, but this writes itself: quotes from Romney praising Rick Scott to the moon... pictures of them arm-in-arm... Rick Scott calling funds for needy people, seniors, veterans, and disabled kids “frivolous and wasteful spending”. For added measure, show the salaries of his staff that he greatly increased and his new digs that he could afford after doubling his office budget to $638 million.

1 minute video... priceless.

Finally, in a state full of geriatrics, Romney and Scott are tied together by mutual admiration of a man who is toxic in this state. The guy who supports ending Medicare as we know it... Paul Ryan:

He is setting the right tone for finally getting spending and entitlements under control. Anyone who has read my book knows that we are on the same page.
--Mitt Romney

And Paul Ryan LOVES him some Rick Scott.

Mitt is going to try everything to distance himself from Scott... LET US NOT LET HIM.

Fortunately, Rick Scott won't let him either. Last month, Rick Scott decided to piss on Romney by doing the worst thing possible to him: endorsing him for president.

Romney—Scott, Scott—Romney.

Rick Scott has already proved that his endorsements are cursed. The Democratic party won VERY surprising victories in both the Tampa and Jacksonville mayor’s races this spring after Rick Scott came out for them.

Sitting governors in this state are absolutely a factor in national elections. The tea party minions came out in droves for the right-wing Rubio even thought the Florida GOP was solid (initially) behind Charlie Crist because of thier anti-Obama fervor. The popularity of Jeb was also a major factor for people supporting his brother's candidacy here in 2000. (Sorry about that, by the way.)

Thanks to Gov. Voldemort, he has managed to energize a Democratic-base completely demoralized for years. I am also seeing an awakening in the state's long suffering and inept Democratic party. They have their work cut out for them... the state offices are strongly GOP, the rethuglicans have a ton more money, and they just made voting for Democrats A LOT more difficult. But if the Florida Dems can hang Rick Scott around Romney's neck, then it's game over for Mittens.

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