Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bud Chiles Is A Selfish Bastard...

That is going to turn purple Florida into a right-wing paradise...

With Scott as the GOP nominee – and his nearly $30 million ad blitz has vaulted him into the lead in the Republican primary – he gets 29 percent, Sink 27 percent and independent Bud Chiles 14 percent.

With McCollum as the Republican nominee, McCollum gets 27 percent, Sink 26 percent and Chiles 14 percent. Scott leads McCollum by 11 percent in the GOP primary

Rick Scott is a bona-fide criminal, and is (of course) backed by the extreme right-wing teabaggers. With a right-wing corrupt teabagger at the helm, there will be NOTHING to stop our gerrymandered, far right legislature from making purple Florida into a wingnut paradise.

Arizona's anti-brown people law (which has ruined their economy) will be brought here, as will coastal drilling, as will the forced rape bill that was narrowly defeated, as will the anti-teacher law.

Because Bud Chiles, who is only running on his father's name and has 0% chance of winning, is siphoning off votes from Alex Sink. This allows Rick Scott, who has TONS of money from DEFRAUDING Medicare patients, to spring over the top and wreck our state.

If he truly cared about Florida and its citizens, he would back out and save us from the certain devastation that a Glenn Beck run government would bring us. But that would be putting people and principles ahead of ego...and that is something bad politicians don't know how to do. That is why I know Sarah Palin, who should know she has no business running a fruit stand much less a government, is going to run in 2012. Because some people want to BE something, not DO something.

Bud sees the numbers. Bud knows, and doesn't care. He is a failed politician who desperately wants to BE somebody, but will only be a GOP stooge that will bring the failed policies of the past to our vulnerable state along with a radical right-wing social agenda.

The only thing that can help us is an informed voter. Here in Florida.

GOD help us all.


  1. did u mean wingnut rather than wingut ?

  2. spell check doesn't have an entry for extremist wingnut teabagger.. my apologies