Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Surprise: Crist Jumps Ship as Governor

Charlie Crist has been a disaster. Everything he has touched has been an abysmal disgrace. (By the way, I need to add rail to that list of broken promises.)

Our state is in desperate need of leadership since the GOP monopoly has made a mess of things in Tallahassee. But idiot Charlie is no leader. He can't even get people in his own party in line to simply do their job and throw a lifeline to their suffering constituents.

But leading the nation in home foreclosures and job losses is apparently a good enough record for the GOP to declare Crist the new Senate candidate to replace the g-awful Martinez. Never in Florida history has a sitting governor foregone re-election to go to the Senate. But what could Crist do? Our state is sinking, and Charlie isn't going down with the ship. The perpetually tan-man is still pining to be veep and prez one day, and he sure can't do it by actually solving any problems he was elected to solve.

So the answer is clear--move to the Senate. The education, housing, insurance, water, economic crisis becomes someone else's problem to deal with.

In most other states, a governor who fails could not hope to be elected to national office.

But this is Florida....

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