Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Day in Florida, Another GOP Scam

No surprises. After all, we are the only state in the union with more registered Democrats than rethughlicans yet somehow have a GOP supermajority in both houses of our state legislature.

Some of it is through the art of "organized shakedowns" for political contributions. MOST of it, however, is through gerrymandering--and Florida is the worst in the nation.

But we can't undercount the minor schemes to hold onto power that we've gotten so accustomed to seeing here in Sunshine State, like this one:

Palm Beach Post:
The Green Party has gotten an official go-ahead to investigate five mysterious candidates who ran as Greens without the knowledge or blessing of the party...Some believe the five may have run for office to peel away votes from Democrats.

Right before the cut-off date last June, these mystery candidates suddenly filed to run for the Green Party without the Greens knowing. One of them was Sarah Roman:

...Sarah Roman, a 23-year-old waitress with a net worth of less than $5,000. Meyer wants to know how she was able to afford the $2,000 filing fee to enter the state House race in Pasco County against Republican incumbent Robert Schenck.

Roman collected no money for her campaign other than the $2,000 she loaned herself for the filing fee. The other four candidates likewise raised little or no money for their campaigns, further raising suspicions.

So you have $5,000 net worth, and you blow 40% of your networth on a campaign that you don't even try for? That would raise suspicion in most people. Of course, not surprisingly, the GOP is denying any involvement in the matter.

Of course, that doesn't mean they won't help out the poor woman:

Roman is being represented by Jeff Lucas, a Pasco County attorney and former chairman of the county Republican Party's executive committee. Lucas did not return calls seeking comment.

True, all speculation. Just as this similar incident involving a mystery write-in candidate that occured within my own county of Seminole was pure speculation. No fingerprints, nothing illegal here.

Just another day of Sunshine.


  1. Alaska is the most corrupt state.

  2. But, we down here in FL have been engaged (at the least) in land fraud, labor abuses, persecution of Native Americans (enslavement and genocide directed against Native Americans by the Spanish started in the 16th century), bootlegging, rumrunning from Cuba to FL(same for guns), poaching, and drug running so extensive on the West Coast that the entire population of Everglades City was once interrogated regarding contraband smuggling on the same day (massive DEA roundup, house to house.)

    Apart from that, there is also exotic animal smuggling, cock and dog fighting, prostitution and various forms of illegal gambling. Plus, of course, election fraud, judicial corruption....and so on. If you think of it, we gots it or either we're willing to give it a try for a price. Beat that, y'all. And, in Alaska, what they got? Palin! Give me a break, buddy. She wouldn't last five minutes down here.