Thursday, January 01, 2009

How'd He Do? A Fair Evaluation of the Bush Years...

He still makes me angry. The Middle East is blowing up right now... and he's on vacation (literally). After a final couple of "Screw You" executive orders, including one that allows medical personnel to refuse anyone treatment for any reason of "conscience"--(one nurse pointed out that this would mean she would refuse treatment to Bush and Cheney), Bush is exiting as abysmally as he came in.

After all of our suffering, don't let the door hit you on the way out...

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! A better, stronger America starts January 20!

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  1. Kinsley:

    Sept. 11 is the excuse for many of the Bush Administration's failures and disappointments. It is also the basis for the one great claim made on George W. Bush's behalf: At least he has protected us from terrorism. In the seven years since that day, there has not been another foreign-terrorist attack on the American homeland. The trouble is that there were no foreign-terrorist attacks on the American homeland in the seven years before 9/11 either.