Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Who the Running Mates WILL Be...(and other certainties)

Quick post here. I know who will win the primaries, what the ticket will be on both sides, and who will win...

1. Hillary and Rudy. There. It's official. You can take that to the bank. Look over my analysis, but it's pretty much set.

2. Rudy will pick Huckabee to be his veep. It's pretty much already decided. No other contender comes close to what he needs to make a package palatable for a disenfranchised base. (He actually wants McCain, but he knows that's stupid.) Heart Huckabee. Take that to the bank.

Hillary is tougher, but I am 98% certain she is going to pick Ted Strickland. Popular governor of Ohio who took over from the most corrupt GOP governor in that state's history. That seals the deal--since FL will probably go red again (it will be close), Hillary needs Ohio and Pennsylvania. She has PA sewn up, and this will ensure an Ohio victory. It's already leaning her way, but she won't take chances. She is too smart.

The only way I am hedging is because she WANTS to pick her friend Wes Clark. That would be a good choice since he's likable and gives strong military credentials. But she won't.


Hillary/Strickland will beat Rudy/Huckabee. It will be a lot closer than people realize, but it will happen.


  1. This evaluation is the best one I've seen so far...

  2. As you know I think that Huckabee and Obama will be the Presidential nominees. Your choices for VP however are stong. For sure Huckabee will be on the ticket one way or the other. You make a powerful case for Strickland although Brian Sweitzer from Montana is another strong possiblity. I enjoy your blog a lot and look forward to reading your analysis throughout 2008.