Friday, June 15, 2007

Red Light Cameras Suck, (take THAT Sentinel!)

Orlando Sentinel has a Red Light Obsession. Guaranteed way to get on the editorial page is to speak of the need for red light cameras. They devote more time to that issue than any other issue.

I hate the idea, so you might conclude, as their board does, that I hate safety. I also hate puppies too. (And because I think lying incompetents should be called out on their stupidity, such as our president's latest genius idea to arm insurgents in return for their solemn promise not to hit us back, I have been told that I must hate America too).

Someone running a red light is scum, but there is a big difference between running a red light and missing a yellow signal. Two turning lanes that I have to use give short seconds for a green arrow, and LITERALLY gives only a two-second yellow light (I timed it).

WHAT the hell!?!?!?

THese are the same turn signals that give about 5 minutes to rotate back to. Do the math. You are backed up a few cars, only 2-3 get through a cycle, and you are there for quite a while.

Who amongst us, including those people championing these cameras, haven't said "Screw it" and went after the yellow turned red. (Yeah, thought so...)

If they are going to have cameras, I would demand that the time of the yellow light is increased to a reasonable time. Otherwise, it's just an excuse for the private company running these lights to make money (YES, they make a cut.)

By the way, I'm not the only one--how about the National Motorists' Association:

Ticket recipients are not adequately notified.
The driver of the vehicle is not positively identified.
Ticket recipients are not notified quickly.
There is no certifiable witness to the alleged violation.
Ticket camera systems are designed to inconvenience motorists.
Ticket cameras do not improve safety.
Taking dangerous drivers' pictures doesn't stop them.
Cameras do not prevent most intersection accidents.
These devices discourage the synchronization of traffic lights.
There are better alternatives to cameras.

These cameras do not protect you, and there is NOT ONE independent study that they improve safety or reduce accidents (the ones the private companies peddle are based on their own "research".)

And unless I buy stock in one of these companies, my position is firm.

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