Friday, November 24, 2006

Another Recount, Another JEB Embarrassment

God I love Florida.

After the election debacle of 2000, it amazes the rest of the country how little has been done to improve the integrity of our elections. You have to conclude that our gub-ner and GOP-controlled legislature don't care, are incompetent, or both.

Now its worse. We now have electronic machines which have no paper trail and can't even give us the decency of a hanging chad. What's worse, the Orlando Sentinel reported that the nearly 18,000 voters who registered no choice in Sarasota's congressional election solidly backed the Democratic candidate in every single statewide race, which means if this was a fair election, Jennings would have won. (She currently shows a -369 vote deficit to her GOP rival).

A touch of irony that this is Krazy Katherine Harris' old seat.

Although Jeb Bush and the GOP elections chief in Sarasota have been telling people with a straight face that thousands of people drove to the voting booth only to ignore the Congressional race, thousands of others in that county have protested that the race didn't appear on their machines.

E.J. Dione writes:
It's hard to believe that Sarasota's voters had a different view of the race than voters everywhere else in the district, considering that the undervote on the county's absentee ballots, cast on paper, was only 2.5 percent. The upshot: Any reasonable statistical analysis suggests that only 3,000 to 5,000 of Sarasota's undervotes were intentional, meaning that 13,000 to 15,000 votes were probably not counted.

Thankfully, our Senate race pitted Nelson against Krazy Katherine, so the vote was not even close. But one could imagine the disaster if it was a nail-biter like Virginia or Montana. THOSE states, however, have legislators that know better, and have sound election policy to stave off embarrassment. Not Florida, not Jeb. They don't want to mess with the status quo because it has benefited the GOP in this state. I guess national embarrassment, court filings, and voter disenfranchisement is a small price to pay.

I urged Charlie Crist the day after the election to fix our broken election system and copy the Virgina Model. In the meantime, Jennings has to count on us to support her quest for a new election and to defray the costs of her legal fight. You can donate or volunteer here.

I know I can always count on Florida citizens to do the right thing, even when I can't count on our elected officials.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Seminole Resident Greer Bad Pick for GOP

Charlie Crist announced that he wanted Jim Greer to take over Carole Jean Jordan’s spot as the head of Florida’s GOP. Given the fact that the GOP suffered a lot of losses this year due to their ethical lapses, Jim Greer is a curious choice. He is the one who skirted the election law that limits an individual or business from contributing more than $500 to a campaign. He opened 19 corporations whose sole purpose was to funnel money to GOP candidates. (Sandy Adams in our own District 33 received $1500 from J. Greer’s corps.) Of course, Mr. Greer will be the first to tell you that this isn’t illegal. But it was conservative William F. Buckley who said it doesn’t have to be illegal to be wrong.

The whole idea of limiting contributions is to prevent a select group of individuals from buying a candidate. Yet since the GOP legislators in Tallahassee were the beneficiaries, I suppose they can look the other way. But is Jim Greer really the new face they want to represent GOP values to Florida?

Come to think of it, Greer is the perfect choice for the GOP.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Hiatus and the Work to be Done

This blog has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year. It started in January and right before the Nov. 7 election it was getting hundreds to over a thousand hits per week. It has changed minds (or at least opened a few of them), has been featured on the ultra-popular , is linked to several of the most popular Fla. blogs, and perhaps most cool of all, had a counter-blog set up by the GOP. (Kudos to John from Texas for keeping up until recently, but couldn't you guys at least find someone WITHIN Florida?)

There is still much work to be done, and the groundwork for 2008 needs to start now. I am hoping everyone can find at least two hours each month to devote to making your country better and safer by working with us. Because we start at a disadvantage we need to begin now. Party building doesn't work a few weeks or even months before an election. Let us take the momentum from the Democratic Revolution of 2006 and turn it into victories for 2008 and beyond. I propose that our county party establish a "Red to Blue" County program, much in the same vein Emmanuel Rahm did for the DCCC last February, that lays out specific objectives and benchmarks for us to achieve between now and Election Day 2008. We have a lot of work to do, but its our time.

I started posting weekly, then bi-weekly, then daily. Starting today I will revert to posting once a week, unless something comes up. Of course, if you are interested in contributing, (several people have lately), I will always give you a voice. Email me at You will be given proper credit. Just be sure when you email me to mention that you would like me to post it in the blog.

Thank you for everything. Keep reading and keep fighting.


Four Things

It's good to have an assessment after each election. I wrote mine the day after the election. The following is part of an op-ed from Robert Sulzer CFDC, Media Watch Team, on four things that need to happen for the next election cycle.

First of all, we must encourage as many Seminole Democrats as possible to run for office, from school board members to county commissioners, to mayors and councilmen and commissioners of cities and other local positions. Electing Democrats to local positions leads to some of those Democrats getting elected to the State Legislature and to the Governor`s Mansion in Tallahassee, but it must be done incrementally. We must give both financial support and moral support to these Democratic candidates who we get to run.

Secondly, we must be vigilant in checking up on Michael Ertel`s office (Seminole County Supervisor of Elections), to see if they are pulling off shenanigans, engaging in election fraud, or being negligent about their duties to the voters of Seminole County.

Third, we must send articles to local newspapers in Seminole County and to the Orlando Sentinel supporting our candidates.

Fourth, we must constantly look for new members for both the Seminole County DEC and also for the local chapters of the Democrats in Seminole County.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Hey Charlie! Why Can't Our Elections Work Like Virginia's!

I’m sure Mr. Crist has his own agenda planned, but I would like to recommend in the spirit of bipartisanship that his first order of business be to tackle an issue that Jeb seemed totally unable and unwilling to handle. Let’s once and for all improve our broken elections system that makes us a laughing stock to this day.

Virginia Board of Elections Secretary Jean Jensen and other VA elections leaders slammed our state when asked if VA was going to have a “Florida-style fiasco” concerning the Webb recount.

Not so. In Virginia, it is explained, the laws are written crystal clear. After the messy presidential election of 2000, state regulations were rewritten to put a strict procedure in place and to specify exactly what makes a ballot eligible.

Camille LaCognata, a voting equipment manager for the VA State Board of Elections, put it this way during the last VA recount of 2005:
"We are not going to make up rules about how to count votes after the election, you're not going to see Democrats seeing more votes for Democrats and Republicans seeing more votes for Republicans. It's already been rewritten up in our policies and procedures. It takes all the partisan bickering out of it."

Also, VA election leaders point out that they have more modern voting equipment. Finally, and most importantly, the election process in Virginia is supervised by an appointed bi-partisan board, not partisan elected officials like it is here.

This is why even after a razon-thin margin, the Allen/Webb recount was handled swiftly, effectively, and satisfactorily. Lucky for us, we did not have much of a challenge with K. Harris. However, had it been a close race, I am certain we would have been embarrassed once again.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Congratulations! And what Seminole can learn from Harold Ford, Jr.

What a great day to be a Democrat!! We won a HUGE majority in the House, and once the recount in VA is done, we will win the Senate. It feels very good to wipe the smirk off of W’s face. Finally, the middle class will be the focus instead of the super wealthy and the oil companies. Also, we will get some real accountability in Iraq. It is a new direction, and we Democrats are ready to lead! I know a lot of you worked hard on these national campaigns, and you deserve your accolades.

My GOP friends can take heart that Florida seems to still lean Red for the time being. Statewide, I was very happy about Alex Sink here in Florida. She campaigned with us here in Seminole and deserved to win. Of course, we are all happy about Bill Nelson. For the Governor’s race, although I wished Davis could have won, I’m very proud of Charlie for running a clean campaign and rejecting the standard Rovian fear and smear tactics attempted by his primary opponent Tom Gallagher. Frankly, I was afraid that if he lost, people might think it was because Crist didn’t resort to that shameful strategy. I congratulate Charlie Crist, Bill McCollum and Charlie Bronson for their victories last night.

I want to thank and congratulate our Seminole Democratic candidates. Let’s face it, Seminole is a DEEP red county. It didn’t turn red overnight, and it’s not going to turn Blue overnight. We still have a lot of work to do, but entrenched GOP incumbents faced invigorated opponents where previously they just waltzed into re-election with no opposition. I spoke to a very nice Sandy Adams supporter last night that admitted she had to put in some real effort and crank up their machine. Jeremiah Jaspon ran a very aggressive and organized campaign, and Marian Williams’ commitment to election accountability gave her opponent a real run for the money (and she is also responsible for registering many new Democrats in Seminole). I have no doubt that we will see more from our Seminole candidates. I wish to congratulate Sandy Adams, Lee Constantine, and Mike Ertel on their victories last night.

Tom Feeney faced his first real opponent with Clint Curtis. Tom Feeney had to campaign hard in a district that he drew, never had opposition in, and had to spend an unprecedented amount of money. Ultimately, it paid off. Finally, Jack Chagnon dogged John Mica for months and ran a very strong campaign. Unseating these incumbents was always a long shot, but you guys really made them work for it. Just as with the local races, turnout is key. And I strongly believe that the races would have been closer if not for the Tornado that hit parts of Oviedo last night. I congratulate Tom Feeney and John Mica on their victories. I hope, Mr. Mica and Mr. Feeney, you will work with your new Democratic majority to promote the change that the people want.

I also wish to congratulate my friend Sally McGinnis for her successful re-election in Winter Springs.

Congratulations to all of our Dem candidates. I parallel your efforts with my personal hero last night, Harold Ford, Jr. of Tennessee. That is a race that EVERYONE wrote off in the beginning. (How could a 35 year old African-American think he could win in a Southern Red state like TN?) But Harold Ford ran the best campaign of anyone (including those who actually won last night). His obstacles seemed insurmountable, but he pulled ahead several times in this campaign by never letting up, by not being afraid to DISCUSS HIS VALUES AND WHAT HE STOOD FOR, and didn’t write off any part of the state. He took his message to the reddest areas in the reddest state. Even though he lost, (by a hair), his strategy is a guidebook for every Democrat in a Southern Red area (like Seminole). His defeat will lead to many victories for us, as I have no doubt that this is the start of something very big for the Democrats.

Finally, I want to thank Carol Cox for her strong leadership of our party. It’s easy to be a chair in a blue county (or a GOP chair in a red county), but Carol has to be twice as committed to make a difference. And she is. We went from people asking if there are Democrats in Seminole to being a potent force that has garnered national attention. This Democratic tsunami all started at the 2006 Democratic campaign season kickoff hosted by presidential hopeful Tom Vilsack, which was held RIGHT HERE in Seminole County. Our candidates now have fundraising tools and technology support from Carol’s company DEMSLINK; new commercials that run on national television; and of course, a very popular webblog (thank you). She is currently working on a new media format to counter the overwhelming GOP noise machine that dominates our AM radio stations.

It’s our time. And I have never been prouder to be a Democrat.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting problems or irregularities? Let us know!

Did you experience any voting problems or irregularities on Election Day, during early voting, or with an absentee ballot?

  • Did you request an absentee ballot and not receive one?
  • Were any of the voting machines not working properly?
  • Did your polling location open late (after 7 am) on Election Day?
  • Any other problems?

Please let us know!

We are collecting this information to use for any future actions that may be necessary to help safeguard your vote and our democracy.

Click the graphic below to submit your report online.

File Voter Incident Report

Quickpost: Do SOMETHING today

For those who have some time today, has a virtual call center where you can call people in tight races around the country who are Dems but don't normally vote in midterm elections. Just by calling them and reminding them to vote I got responses like "OK, you've convinced me." Sweet.

If you want to do something closer to home, go to our main website A list of dozens of campaign websites are there. Contact them and say you can help. (PS: We have a virtual call center of our own too on the SeminoleDems main website, but as of 11:04 it was down. I am certain they are working on it.)

Call voters, knock on doors, talk to your neighbors, stop at a polling place and wave a sign for 15 minutes. For goodness sakes, just DO SOMETHING today!!! And don't forget to VOTE!

It's our time, let's Do this thing!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Who You Should Vote For and Why...

OK, this is a Democratic blog, so are you surprised I’m going to tell you to vote Dem up and down the ticket? But the following lists some of these races that are very important to me and you and I am telling you why I think you should vote for them---and NOT because of party bias.

This will be my last post until Wed. I will be working the election and hopefully, you will as well. Politics is important because it affects so much of our lives, so it makes sense to get involved.

Alex Sink for CFO: The race for Chief Financial Officer should be nonpartisan, but its not. Looking at both candidates, the race is so lopsided its not even funny. Alex Sink is honestly the most qualified person in the state for this job: She has over 26 years expererince in the finacical world and ran Florida’s largest bank. Her opponent has NO experience. Zilch, Nada. He is a career politician. And when asked anything complicated or financial, he resorts to attacking Alex as a liberal. How lame. Alex Sink has been endorsed by EVERY MAJOR NEWSPAPER in the state, as well as many prominent GOPers, and for good reason. The only reason Lee is doing well at all is that he is part of this years GOP slate—but if people actually take the time to look at both candidates and vote on who is best for the job, not on party line, then Alex would win in a landslide.

Jim Davis/Daryl Jones for Governor/Lt. Governor: Charlie is not a right-wing zealot like the current governor, and frankly, he’s not a bad guy. But Jim is better. The insurance companies have donated thousands to Crist, and I’m sure they are expecting something in return. Jim has a real plan to reform our FCAT, whereas Crist’s plan is to “stay the course”. Finally, for no other reason, its important to have balance. A Democratic governor will ensure the moderates instead of the zealots rule Tallahassee, as it should be. PS—to attract the extremist vote, Charlie picked one of them to be his running mate. Daryl Jones, on the other hand, has universal appeal and can stand on his own.

Jeremiah Jaspon for State Senate (District 22): Anywhere else, if a guy got two DUIs and then tried to wrangle his way out of it with a political connection, he would have been tossed out on his rear. But here in Central Florida we live in a different reality. After embarrassing himself and his constituents, Lee Constantine is still running close with Jeremiah and even got the Sentinel to endorse him. (Although the Sentinel would have endorsed him even if he had a dead body in his basement--asking the Sentinel to vote against an R incumbent is like asking the Bush GOPs to cut the deficit). I already wrote about Constantine’s legislative failures and his horrible efforts to stifle municipal Wifi at the behest of the telecommunications lobby. But for everything he is not, Jaspon is. Jeremiah has great ideas about education and drug reform, he's energetic, and has even been able to get significant support from local GOPers. He is the best man to represent all of us in the FL Senate.

Ernie Langdon for State Rep (District 33): This is one man you don’t ever need to worry about turning corrupt. He raises all his own money, and not one penny has come from Tallahassee special interests, or Miami special interestes, or, in fact, ANY special interests. This is unlike his opponent, who has raised almost all of her money from lobbyists outside of Tallahassee. It’s time this district gets somebody to represent them for a change.

Jack Chagnon for Congress (FL-7): This former Marine officer has a great plan for energy, education, and the Iraq quagmire. It is a refreshing change than the arrogant rubber-stamp currently in office who refuses to even debate Jack-- or even talk the issues with the constituents he is supposed to be representing. Mica has supported Bush on just about everything, including “stay the course” on Iraq and refusing to fund stem-cell research. Now that Bush is unpopular you don’t hear that very much.

And look how seriously he takes his job as guardian of airport security. He actually mocked a reporter for suggesting it was a big deal if a bomb blew up at OIA. (Really--scroll down a few blogs). We need a real change. We need Jack.

Clint Curtis for Congress (FL-24): He knows election fraud first-hand, and has made that his signature issue. He has been endorsed by the Daytona Beach paper. He’s smart, knows the issues, and unlike his opponent, is willing to actually discuss them. Feeney’s entire campaign has been to smear Clint. This coming from a man who was in Abramhoff’s back pocket and was ranked MOST CORRUPT from the nonpartisan, nonprofit watchdog group, CREW. Curtis is in a statistical tie with Feeney, and with your help, we can send Tom packing.

Marian Williams for Seminole Elections Supervisor: Why this is a partisan race is beyond common sense. Elections Chiefs should always be nonpartisan. But since they aren’t, you need to go with the best candidate. Marian Williams has a Leon Sancho mentality when it comes to protecting your vote. She will demand a paper trail, not just pay it lipservice; and she will have an INDEPENDENT AUDIT of all machines. She will hire bilingual translators, (which would have helped move the line along when I early voted yesterday), and expand voter education. A little more than half of the people here in Seminole are registered, which is fine by the current chief because they are mostly conservative. Marian has been nonstop in registering everyone she can, which is a commitment that should be expected of an elections official. Her opponent has embarrassed himself by sending out campaign material disguised as official mail, put up campaign signs illegally, (how should he know?), and most reprehensibly, allowing poll workers to take home electronic voting machines. Vote for the better choice Nov. 7.

AMENDMENT 3 (The amendment making you reach a supermajority to pass amendments): ONE MORE TIME!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!! I haven’t seen or heard of any endorsement for this, and the thing you need to ask yourself is this: If this is truly about “keeping our Constitution pure”, then WHO THE HELL IS PAYING FOR ALL THOSE SLICK COMMERICIALS and GIANT BILLBOARDS I see!! Yes, the special interests!!. They can squash any measure they want in Tallahassee, no matter HOW popular, because they own the legislature lock, stock, and barrel. (And since the GOP controlled legislature is so gerrymandered, the reps don’t need to be responsive to their own constituents).

So if the people want to stop cigarette smoking in public places, get smaller class sizes, or increase the minimum wage, the citizens have this avenue to bypass the corrupt legislature. IN fact, that is the big reason it is being pushed this year—to prevent a voter initiative to draw districts FAIRLY! Vote No on this amendment, or give up what has lately been the only voice we had.

There's of course other races, like the big Senate race (Go Nelson!), local ones (Go Sally McGinnis!), and ones not even in Seminole (Go Charlie Stuart!--for goodness sake, even the Orlando Sentinel had to recommend him!!).

But I trust you will make the right decisions. Get unbiased information at the League of Women Voters

I honestly beleive that if you compare the candidates and the issues, and make an informed decision, you will vote very similar to how I did.

What To Do If There Is a Problem at Your Poll Station

From Mary Elizabeth:
On Friday evening past at the high spirited Oviedo Town Meeting picnic hosted by Barb and Charles Wells and State Representative District 33 candidate, Ernie Langdon, a question was asked about who to call if a problem at the polls identified by a poll watcher or voter develops. As the answer was unknown I volunteered to find the answer on Saturday.

Yesterday I was at the Central Florida Coordinated Campaign and the Davis Campaign headquarters.

The answer came from Jackie Lee in the form of a door hanger from THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. The phone number to call to report trouble and problems as a poll watcher or voter is

1-888-dem-vote or 1-888-336-8683

This number connects with the National Democratic Center; when you identify being from Florida you will be connected to the Florida Democratic group handling voting problems.

Two things to do:

1. Put this number with you on something that you will have with you now through Tuesday.

2. Please pass this number on to other Democratic voters whether or not they have early voted. You just do not know when you might need it to give the number to someone with a voting problem.

I pray this is a safe and secure election with integrity throughout the system but I have to be realistic and know we must be vigilant. I have heard of several early voting problems in Seminole and Brevard counties so I caution all of us to be aware, even early voters

From of all of us rooting for a Davis victory along with all the other Democratic candidates, thank you for your help and concerns! Go DEMS go!


It’s official. It’s a coordinated campaign from the NRCC and a private company in VA that is immorally and even illegally harassing swing voters with annoying phone calls—and pretending to be from the Democratic candidate! Most of the calls start out with “The [Dem candidate] has a message for you” or “Hi. I'm calling with information about [Dem candidate]”. Then a long pause. This is when most everyone hangs up in disgust. Then they will be called again and again in an effort to tick off the voter to the Dem candidate. Some of these calls happen early in the morning and very late at night.

If the person is stupid enough to actually stay on the line, which is not what usually happens, they will be treated to a litany of bad things about the candidate, but at least they won’t get called back apparently. It is happening all over in tight races. So far the only place it is happening in Florida that I know of is the close election with Kathy Harris’ old district. Voters there are getting annoying robocalls pretending to be from (Dem) Christie Jennings.

IF YOU GET ONE OF THESE CALLS, please do the following:
1. Post Here and say what district this happened in
2. Record the number on your caller ID
3. Save the voicemail if you let the machine pick it up.
4. Email this person here

This is the Attorney General’s domain, so SKIP Cambell is going to have his hands full when he wins on Tuesday. Other people to contact are listed in this post.

PS: If OUR party ever gets this power hungry and morally bankrupt, I promise to leave politics and start stamp-collecting.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

100th POST: Orlando Sentinel Voting Guide Askew

QuickNote: Congratulations to Us on our 100th Webblog. Democrats in Seminole?--you Damn Skippy!

Yesterday I spoke of our own John Mica, the one who the GOP has entrusted with OUR airport security, and how he downplayed the lax security at our own airport and was positively flippant about past victims of airport bombings. Even asking how many people will really be killed by a bomb going off in an airport. But while his unattended bags comments "And does that really pose a risk?" "What kind of damage is it gonna do?" is shocking enough, it is, for those of us like me who live in District 7, just a long line in a string of failures that we expect from our Congressman.

Even before his "who cares" attitude about airport terror, Mica acted as a classic rubber-stamp republican. He has failed us with outrageous deficit spending, rejecting stem cell research, allowing drug companies to write our prescription drug law and oil companies to write our energy policy, failed education reform, refusing to stop election fraud, and supporting Bush's "stay the course" strategy in Iraq. Just to name a few.

However, with the exception of Iraq, you won't find ANY of those questions on the Orlando Sentinel Voter Guide. The very first question it asks is this:

Should any of the 11 to 12 million illegal residents in the US be able to stay and eventually apply for citizenship? What sort of requirements should they meet? Do you favor Mel Martinez's approach - that those who can show they have been here 5 years or more get a break compared to those less than 5 years? Do you support the House bill that would criminalize undocumented workers and those who help them? Do you support President Bush's program for guest workers who could work here 3-6 years and then have to return?

As Chagnon correctly points out, most Hispanics in our District are natural-born U.S. Citizens of Puerto Rican heritage (a U.S. territory). Immigration reform is important, but there are more relevant issues facing our District. And when Chagnon pointed out Mica's failings on what Mica wanted to be his signature issue, this was the response he received:

Dear John F. Chagnon,

We're sorry, there was a problem with your responses to the Orlando
Sentinel Voter Guide questionnaire that you recently submitted.

Generally, in the Voter Guide, candidates talk about their platforms
and do not make allegations about their opponents. When there are
specific assertions about their opponent, we ask for documentation.

So, in first answer, you say: "Mica sent voters a Push Poll on
illegals AFTER he voted on the House bill." Would you provide
documentation for that assertion.

Please make changes

Mr Chagnon's campaign responded:

Dear Mr. Cutter, Orlando Sentinel: Thanks again for offering to publish your voter guide. In order to make sure our side sees the light of day, we have gone on line to delete the sentence cited -- since it would be infeasible within the notice given to get you a copy one of the 300,000+ Mica summer mailings in time to meet your deadline. We had contacted your assistant on this matter several weeks ago, and she said there was no problem with what we wrote. We also registered our concern that the first question on your list referred to an issue of little relevance to Central Florida voters, and also used the emotionally-charged label created by the GOP during this election: illegal "residents." We have also officially contacted you repeatedly about publishing dozens of press-releases from John Mica's office during this election season while not once contacting his opponent for comment. During the remaining few weeks of the campaign, we would insist that your publication make every effort to make up for the 40 article shortfall that currently exists. We know that the Sentinel would want to assign a political reporter to cover Jack Chagnon's campaign for the the last five weeks so that your paper will become more familiar with his stances in advance of his arrival in Congress.

Now Chagnon has a plan to reform the FCAT, a project plan to wean us off of terrorist oil, an intelligent 6-month strategy for Iraq, and, unlike his opponent, is on the right side of the issues (ethics reform, stem cell research, environment, fiscal responsibility, etc). It was obvious that the Sentinel was trying to beef up its predetermined endorsement of the 7th's incumbent. But the Sentinel has been wrong before, as it had to admit when it endorsed W. Bush in 2000. It is wrong now.

Help Jack Chagnon send John Mica home. Contact and volunteer. We CAN win this!!!

Absentee Ballots Getting Thrown Out

I promised molly bloom of Palm Beach that I would reprint this here. To sum up, the GOP outnumbers the Dems in pollwatching (remember I said we needed volunteers!!!) and they are VERY aggressive in getting anything thrown out they can. So far, HUNDREDS of votes (260 in Palm Beach) have been thrown out and no doubt more will follow. SO GET THE WORD OUT--FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS TO THE "T"!

From Molly Bloom:
This diary is mainly for Florida voters. If you know a Florida voter- GET THE WORD OUT. SIGN THE OUTSIDE ENVELOPE. I can't be any plainer than that. Without a signature it will not be counted. The Absentee Ballots must be received by the Main Office of the Supervisor of Elections by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day in order to be counted. Branch offices close at 5:00 p.m. on Election Day. until Tuesday. Voted Absentee Ballots cannot be turned in at the polls. These instructions are from the Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections. As to the headline see flip side. The canvassing board is not counting the ballots yet. They are only reviewing the outside envelopes. It is the first step. Again the outside envelope has to be signed by the voter. The reviewing of the outside ballots will continue on Monday. Again the ballots themselves are not being tabulated.

A very close friend served as the Democratic poll watcher. "The" as in single Democratic poll watcher for the absentee ballots. There were 3 Republicans. About 370 ballots have been rejected by the canvassing board. The board is made up of a local judge (who ran for public defender and lost as a Democrat in 1980), Arthur Anderson (Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections) and a 3rd party I didn't get the name of. So far about 260 were rejected for failure to sign the outside envelope. A handicapped person was told (incorrectly) to have their husband write a letter explaining she couldn't sign the outside envelope, so he signed it for her. Her ballot was rejected. One of my neighbors failed to sign the goddamn envelope. Her ballot was rejected. I think she is a Republican for what it is worth, but we are not friendly (putting it mildly). Another 90 were rejected because the signatures weren't even close to the signature on file. My friend reports the judges are being fair, and that the GOP poll watchers were being aggressive as possible.

Friday, November 03, 2006

How JOHN MICA Lost the Election

That will be what we are reading on Nov. 8th after Mica's "botched" joke-- ohh, that's right, it WASN'T a joke!! It was Mica saying he didn't care about a bomb exploding at OIA. More on this to come, but read the full story here!

LIE attributed to Amendment 3

I can't make this clearer. VOTE NO ON AMEND 3!! Requiring 60% of the people to amend our own constitution is wrong. I always argue that if the Tallahassee legislature would do the people's business, then there wouldn't BE any amendments needed. But now supporters of this power grab are touting a falsehood.

Thanks to Joni James from the Buzz of Tampa Bay:

The first reference on the new Protect Our Constitution ad that features a llama reads "The Florida Constitution is the easiest to amend in the nation." The small print shows the "fact" attributed to an Oct. 4 editorial in the St. Augustine Record.

For sure, the Record is backing the amendment. But no where does the paper's endorsement that's referenced in the TV ad make any comparison to other states' constitutions or how they are amended. The discrepancy was brought to Buzz' attention by the opposition, Trust the Voters.

It comes just a day after the Sons of Italy bashed the Chamber-backed Protect Our Constitution for using a mafia-style scenario in its first TV ad.

GoogleBombing the Election (with added Seminole links)

There is a massive effort underway on all the lefty blogs to Googlebomb the election. How does it work? See for yourself: Type in FAILURE in Google and see what happens. For this to work, I need your help. All you need to do is post the sourcecode on your website or blog. I will give you directions below.

BUT First: since morality is something that is actually practiced and not used as a prop in our party, let me make this clear. There is nothing unscrupulous about this. Google simply puts the first link that gets the most hits. It is a political technique that the GOP invented in 2004 when they did this to John Kerry.

Don't get me wrong. I wish we didn't have to use techniques like microtargeting or googlebombing. But folks, the other party uses them and has perfected them. You can adapt or overcome. And I never advocate immoral and illegal techniques the opposition party leadership doesn't seem to think twice about: like phonejamming and voter suppression if they feel they will win. (I often mention my canvass on election day 2004 where Sanford residents were given door hangers with false voting information). So my right-wing friends can spare me any moral lectures.

(PS: I also don't abide morality lectures from a party that has no trouble taking money from a Pedophile.) No, immorality is raising money for an adulterer who beats his mistress, trading favors for lobbyists, or covering up sexual predatory behavior to keep a safe House seat. That is immoral, this isn't. So help if you want, don't if you don't.

Copy the source code HERE and post it on your blog or website. This is the easiest. Done.

If you want the Feeney and Mica links at the bottom of mine, then simply right click with your mouse on this page and select "View Source". Then copy and paste the
code below. Paste on your blog or website. Be done:

--AZ-Sen: Jon Kyl
--AZ-01: Rick Renzi
--AZ-05: J.D. Hayworth
--CA-04: John Doolittle
--CA-11: Richard Pombo
--CA-50: Brian Bilbray
--CO-04: Marilyn Musgrave
--CO-05: Doug Lamborn
--CO-07: Rick O'Donnell
--CT-04: Christopher Shays
--FL-13: Vernon Buchanan
--FL-16: Joe Negron
--FL-22: Clay Shaw
--ID-01: Bill Sali
--IL-06: Peter Roskam
--IL-10: Mark Kirk
--IL-14: Dennis Hastert
--IN-02: Chris Chocola
--IN-08: John Hostettler
--IA-01: Mike Whalen
--KS-02: Jim Ryun
--KY-03: Anne Northup
--KY-04: Geoff Davis
--MD-Sen: Michael Steele
--MN-01: Gil Gutknecht
--MN-06: Michele Bachmann
--MO-Sen: Jim Talent
--MT-Sen: Conrad Burns
--NV-03: Jon Porter
--NH-02: Charlie Bass
--NJ-07: Mike Ferguson
--NM-01: Heather Wilson
--NY-03: Peter King
--NY-20: John Sweeney
--NY-26: Tom Reynolds
--NY-29: Randy Kuhl
--NC-08: Robin Hayes
--NC-11: Charles Taylor
--OH-01: Steve Chabot
--OH-02: Jean Schmidt
--OH-15: Deborah Pryce
--OH-18: Joy Padgett
--PA-04: Melissa Hart
--PA-07: Curt Weldon
--PA-08: Mike Fitzpatrick
--PA-10: Don Sherwood
--RI-Sen: Lincoln Chafee
--TN-Sen: Bob Corker
--VA-Sen: George Allen
--VA-10: Frank Wolf
--WA-Sen: Mike McGavick
--WA-08: Dave Reichert
--FL-07: John Mica
--FL-24: Tom Feeney

Thursday, November 02, 2006


If you ever thought about giving and helping push the change we desperately need in government--today IS IT!! = National = Local

Our slate of candidates deserve your support. Contributer Lori Levasseur would like to make one last plea for Jeremiah's TV ad to counter his opponent's media blitz:

See the commercial at:

It is a great commercial and Jeremiah is a great candidate! He has worked very hard NEEDS YOUR HELP IN THIS FINAL HOUR. The final date to accept campaign contributions is November 2 and Jeremiah has to make a final ad this afternoon. Any contributions WILL NEED TO BE MADE BY CREDIT CARD THROUGH HIS WEB SITE. Just click on the following link:

Please consider contributing to air his commercial. I know everybody is being barraged by email asking for money for candidates. Let’s help a candidate who is in our own back yard and will affect your life closely!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give and your time to read this email. No amount is too small. Thanks, Lori

Picnic with the Seminole Dem Candidates

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Veterans Groups Give HIGH marks to FL Democrats, Low Marks to FL GOP

Our troops are usually little more than props to the GOP. The REAL support of veterans is shown in legislative action, not corny speeches. Two nonpartisan veterans groups have spoken:

EVERY HOUSE Democrat received the highest score of 100% for the DAV. NOT ONE republican got over 66%. The same holds true for the FL Senate. See for yourself: Disabled American Veterans

Then there is the Iraqi and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). They give Bill Nelson a respectable A-. They give Mel Martinez a D (for disgraceful), and John Mica, who voted AGAINST healthcare for Reservists, eked out a C. Again, see for yourself: IAVA