Thursday, January 24, 2013

GOP Rigging the Presidential Election to Guarantee Victory in 2016

The infamous voter suppression tactics of 2012 didn't work out for the GOP that well, although it did keep over 200,000 people from voting here in the Sunshine State.

So why not double down on the cheating?

The national Republican party has officially endorsed a scheme to make it all but impossible for a Democrat to win the White House by changing the rules in legislatures they control. The plan is to divide up a state's electoral votes by GERRYMANDERED DISTRICTS in key swing states that vote blue in Presidential elections but currently are under the GOP grip on the state level: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida.

They have GOP majorities in both state houses and the governor's mansion, thanks to the tea party wave of 2010. Unfortunately, that year was a critical year for redrawing Congressional and Legislative districts, which means the GOP really went nuts to consolidate their power and dilute the will of the people.

In PA, for example, the GOP drew crazy districts that cram minorities into giant megadistricts to allowed a comfortable majority of GOP districts. A legislative bill was just introduced that would divide that state's EVs by these districts--so even though you vote Democrat in a Presidential election, if you are in a GOP district (which is likely) your votes will go to the GOP candidate.

It sucks real bad. At least here in Florida we have a citizen ballot initiative, (although our current legislature has put up a lot of barriers to this process), but PA has none. Soon their presidential votes will count about as much as my vote against my tea party legislative rep here in FL--his district was gerrymandered around his own damn house.

We can try to fight this in the courts, and by citizen initiative. One activist asked for my help in trying to push for the 270 plan for the popular vote. (It is an ingenious plan that has gained traction in recent years, where states promise to allocate their EVs by the national popular vote--but will only take effect when enough states sign on to reach the critical 270 electoral votes needed to win.)

States controlled by Dems should jump at this, but states like ours can bypass the right-wing controlled legislatures by citizen ballot initiative. I am hoping that will be something that Dems will push for this year here in Florida.

Otherwise, we essentially lose our right to vote.

Read more about it here.


  1. Thanks for posting a story! I hope Florida does make use of its constitutional initiative process to block Republican tricks, and hopefully also join the National Popular Vote pact — Florida's 29 electoral votes are critical for switching from the electoral college to the popular vote.

  2. This means that 1 million votes in the city would be worth the same as 100 votes in a rural county of only white republicans.