Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Special Election TODAY FL-34!! VOTE NOW!

Stephen Bacallao is running today in a special election due to a State House seat being vacated by Republican David Mealor. Stephen's primary opponent is a right-wing developer who served as Bush/Cheney's county chair for their re-election in 2004. He's the last thing my district needs!

Steve ran last time in for this district in 2004, winning 40% of the vote. That was in a GOP year AND when this district was heavily Republican. BUT ALL THAT HAS CHANGED...

As you can see from another supporter: Greg in FL explains the dynamic shift, complete with statistics, that show the advantage is the GOP's no longer. He also correctly points out that Democratic State Legislature pickups in both Virginia and Long Island set the stage for Democratic sweeps in the governor's races in VA and NJ.

Steve's primary GOP opponent was labeled a sure-thing. IN fact, a local TV affiliate declared the race over after the primary: Click Here

In past years, that may have been the case. But keep this in mind, despite backing from the Republican State Party and outspending his primary challenger 3-1, Steve's opponent came within 70 votes of being beaten by 4,000 votes cast, which led to a popular columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, Scott Maxwell, to remark:

Seminole County's power Republicans can't be too impressed with the results of the primary in the special election for the 34th District House seat last week. Chris Dorworth had money and big backing that even included the head of the whole state GOP, Jim Greer. And yet Dorworth only eked out a 51 percent victory. Are Seminole residents finally catching up with the rest of the country -- ready for a change?

With your help--we hope so!!

To learn more about Steve, his endorsements, his Bio, click here:

Not asking for money, not asking for anything but to help GOTV today or if you live in this district and haven't already--GO VOTE!!! It took me 4 minutes for the whole process (no one was at the polling station!) This is the only election here.

Please make this happen!


  1. Oh please. There isn't some Democrat swing in Seminole County or District 34.

    The reason Dorworth only won with less than 100 votes is because the race was a vote for Stelling or against Stelling and nothing to do with Dorworth.

  2. Obviously you don't know what you are talking about....

    The race was for Dorworth against Allen Roosa--Roosa almost won. This had nothing to do with Stelling.

    Get your facts right before you post.

  3. Seminole is still red, but it's no longer a DEEP red thanks to dumbass Bush/Cheney. Having the worst president ever can have an effect. See today's USA TODAY:

    Meanwhile, Bush reached an unwelcome record. By 64%-31%, Americans disapprove of the job he is doing. For the first time in the history of the Gallup Poll, 50% say they "strongly disapprove" of the president. Richard Nixon had reached the previous high, 48%, just before an impeachment inquiry was launched in 1974.

  4. Morthgar,

    Let me fill in your extraordinarily obvious gaps in Seminole County Republican knowledge.

    1. Stelling is the Chair of the SCREC. He is also an ass. He has done more in the last 20 years for Democrats in Seminole County than any other single person, Republican or Democrat, by chasing away dissenting members from the SCREC. These same committee members are the ones who are the super voters, the campaign volunteers, the sign wavers, the campaign managers, the political organizers. These folks Stelling is chasing away are the backbone of the Seminole County Republican grassroots.

    2. Dorworth is an idiot and doesn't take a crap without the OK from Stelling. That is well-known. Just follow Stelling's decimation of the SCSWCD using Dorworth. Dorworth's trail to the SCSWCD, as well as Bauer were engineered by Stelling. A fact Stelling readily admits to (try Google).

    3. Stelling and Greer, the RPOF chair and the ever-worthless Dorworth are best of friends. Greer, (yes the same one from Oviedo) the state party chair, actually held a fundraiser for Dorworth BEFORE the primary.

    4. Stelling and Dorworth are business partners.

    So I say again, the Dorworth's opponent may have been Allen Roosa, but the vote had nothing to do with Roosa. It was a vote for or against Stelling.

    Know your facts before making such naive posts.