Monday, November 06, 2006


It’s official. It’s a coordinated campaign from the NRCC and a private company in VA that is immorally and even illegally harassing swing voters with annoying phone calls—and pretending to be from the Democratic candidate! Most of the calls start out with “The [Dem candidate] has a message for you” or “Hi. I'm calling with information about [Dem candidate]”. Then a long pause. This is when most everyone hangs up in disgust. Then they will be called again and again in an effort to tick off the voter to the Dem candidate. Some of these calls happen early in the morning and very late at night.

If the person is stupid enough to actually stay on the line, which is not what usually happens, they will be treated to a litany of bad things about the candidate, but at least they won’t get called back apparently. It is happening all over in tight races. So far the only place it is happening in Florida that I know of is the close election with Kathy Harris’ old district. Voters there are getting annoying robocalls pretending to be from (Dem) Christie Jennings.

IF YOU GET ONE OF THESE CALLS, please do the following:
1. Post Here and say what district this happened in
2. Record the number on your caller ID
3. Save the voicemail if you let the machine pick it up.
4. Email this person here

This is the Attorney General’s domain, so SKIP Cambell is going to have his hands full when he wins on Tuesday. Other people to contact are listed in this post.

PS: If OUR party ever gets this power hungry and morally bankrupt, I promise to leave politics and start stamp-collecting.

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