Thursday, September 07, 2006

Take action against the Mickey-mentary!

A right-wing extremist who has written extensively against Bill Clinton, and who also happens to be Rush Limbaugh's best friend, wrote The Path to 9/11, ABC's so-called "docu-drama", set to air next week in Prime Time. Expectedly, it is filled with outright lies; and ABC admits there are several parts that are "fictionalized". The film shows Clinton officials hanging up on CIA operatives, suggests that we had a clear shot to Osama that was called off suddenly, and even suggests Albright tried to tip off that a strike was coming.

900 copies have been sent to right-wing bloggers and commentators like Rush and Hugh Hewitt, but none have been sent to any independent or left-leaning outlets. In fact, the Clinton officials who are being smeared have not received any copies after repeatedly asking! They are furious, and rightfully so.

It is so bad, an FBI agent who served as a consultant to ABC on this program quit halfway through because they were "making things up."

Clinton is the obvious bad guy, and Bush is portrayed as the hero who gives a heroic speech to the nation. (You don't see Bush sitting helplessly reading a children's book for 7 minutes after being told "Our nation is under attack!")

Scholastic, which was supposed to work with ABC on a school guide based on the film, pulled out because they determined it was a propoganda film that didn't meet their "high standards".

You can Help!! Contact their advertisers here or here. Several have withdrawn, but we need to keep the pressure going!

Send Robert A. Iger, the CEO of Walt Disney Company, a message. Some sites are also recommending emailing George Mitchell at, a Disney chairman and our old friend.

ABC ironically wouldn't allow Miramax to release Faranheit 9/11 because they said it was too divisive and political, and didn't want to offend. But they must not think we make as much noise so they are free to mess with us. Let's send Mickey a message!

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  1. I guess I won't be going to DisneyWorld this year :(

  2. The blogging community has helped me get over my frustration of being powerless.
    Thank you for all you do for America.